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Gutter guards waste of money

When you have a gutter, obviously, you have to install gutter guards, so it can prevent obstruct and blocking. Well, you installed gutter guards, and it cost you more than $2000 bucks; however, did you ever tried to know are gutter guards a waste of money or worth it?

Can it really provide you $2000 bucks service?

According to statistics, over 70% of people think gutter guards are a waste of money. On the other hand, 5% of people neither voted yes nor no.

Notwithstanding, 25% of people found gutter guards worth. So, what’s the truth about the gutter system? Should we use it or avoid it? Here’s everything you should know about gutter guard worthiness;

Gutter guards waste of money or worth it?

Without examining gutter guards’ features and benefits, you can’t get an accurate result about it. For instance, if we consider gutter guards’ cost, workability, effectiveness, and cleaning performance, we can understand that gutter guard’s waste of money or not.

Gutter Guards worth or Cost

Lamentably, the gutter rain guard costs a lot. On average, you will need a maximum of 200 feet and a minimum of 150-foot gutter guards for your whole home.

If we take the price of $15 per foot, then it could cost you more than $3000 to $2100; it’s a huge amount of money to spend.

In truth, it won’t provide a $2100 service appropriately, which means the gutter guard is totally a waste of money.

Workability or effectiveness

There is no doubt that gutter guards prevent blocking issues and increase drainage performance. Unfortunately, gutter guards are unable to hold their workability and effectiveness for a long time.

Most of the gutter system is clogged by large debris every 2-3 months, and then it starts losing its effectiveness.


Cleaning a rain gutters guard is a super tough and rough job for every homeowners. Sometimes most debris enters the critical area and made the cleaning process too complicated.

I think you don’t want to waste your time cleaning it for the whole day. In fact, some of the gutter guards got damages after cleaning or brushing. Block debris in the breeding ground could affect badly in the rain gutter.

Overall, you heard all the gutter guards’ issues and I hope you are really understood now are gutter guards waste of money or worth it.

Let me specify it one more time shortly; the gutter cleaning process isn’t straightforward; it cost a lot and can’t hold the workability for a longer time.

What to do if gutter guards waste money? (Gutter guard Alternative)

You may gain now, why gutter guards are a waste of money, but how can we fix this issue? What should we do now, and what alternative of the heavy rains gutter should we take?

Don’t panic because I already arranged a worthwhile and satisfactory alternative to gutter guard. The best alternative to a gutter guard is a one-time net cloth.

The net cloth is very inexpensive and easy to install (No plumber or service required). If you install a net cloth gutter physical barrier, you can replace them easily.

Every month you can change the whole net effortlessly, and you don’t have to clean it again because you can install another piece of the net on the gutter.

Benefits and disadvantages of gutter guards

Numbers of people still have questions about why gutter guards are bad. Actually, the gutter guards isn’t a bad object to use, but it isn’t a worthy item to use.

If I specify the benefits and disadvantages of gutter guards specifically, then I hope you will understand it more perfectly. Here are the pros and cons of gutter guards;


  • Easy to install and set up
  • Protect the drainage system from leaves and needles


  • Complicated to cleaning
  • Pretty expensive to purchase
  • The large-holed guards aren’t protective guards.
  • It doesn’t hold the workability for a long time.

Types of Gutter Guards

Generally, there are only five types of gutter guards are available in the entire world. Manufacturers upgraded gutter guards when they started making gutter guards for the comfier roof water drainage system.

These five guards have a different identity and work incomparably than each other.


Micro meshes are the most upgraded gutter guards. Basically, micro-mesh gutter guards have the tiniest holes, and barely can you define them. It is easy to clean, doesn’t let the other debris in the gutter (only water), and bit affordable to buy.

Foam gutter guard

The foam gutters guard isn’t so stiff; actually, it works a sucker or soaker, whatever you called. This guard soaks the water comfortably, easy to install, but debris creates issues with this gutters guard.

Reverse curve gutters guard

The reverse curve gutter guard is one of the incredible gutter guards for large leaves and worst for needles. It has very little width down the reverse curve on the front section.

In my opinion, you should choose this guard instead of brush and foam guards.

Brush gutter guards

The brush gutter guard looks like a brush, and its best part is debris couldn’t affect its drainage system. It is very easy to set up and removing, but cleaning this guard is a bit complicated.


Double screens and single screens are the two types available in the market. The screen gutter guards is very similar to micromesh guards. However, the screen guard is more persistent and stable than micromesh guards.

How to buy a worthy gutter guard?

The majority of people don’t consider the gutters guard pipe and measurement while buying a gutters guard. As a result, they bought inappropriate measurements, the wrong amount, and a low-quality gutter guard.

That’s why you have to know first how to buy a worthy gutter guard. Here are the things you should consider if you want to purchase a worthy gutters guard faultlessly.

  1. First of all, estimate the area of where you want to install gutter or how much gutter area you have in your shade.
  2. Up next, know first what types of the gutters guard are suitable for your gutter
  3. $20 per feet price range gutters guard is very durable and works tremendously because this guard is sturdiest and can provide long service.
  4. Try to purchase from a seller who ensures you an easy replacement if you find any defect or issue.

How to remove old gutter guards?

Do you exactly know when you should remove rain gutters guards from your shade? Of course, when debris clogged the whole guard and crossed the limit.

99% of gutter guards clogging or jamming problems caused by leaves. Cleaning them from the gutter guards is a bit arduous and complicated. For this reason, it’s better to remove gutter guards every 2-3 months.

If you don’t know how to remove gutter guards utterly and perfectly, then have a look below at the best step-by-step gutter guards removing tips.

  • Arrange some tool kits and a stable ladder
  • Keep the kits in a kit bag and make sure your ladder is stable enough (Ask someone to hold the ladder for safeties)
  • If you find any loose debris or leaves on it, take off them by your hand (Don’t forget to wear gloves)
  • Next, start unscrewing the whole gutter guards
  • Now pull the gutter guard gently (if you pull it strictly, then gutter net guards could be break easily)
  • That’s it; you’re done now; watch a video below
how to effectively clean gutter guards

Best way to installing gutter guards?

The gutter cleaning process is very tricky and that’s why always gutter guards claim by the avarage home owner. Pine needles and roof shingles are the most disturbing problem caused in the gutter.

If you want to keep clean your gutter system then you must install gutter covers, leaf guards, gutter screens, gutter helmets, and more pieces of stuff. Sounds not good right?

How could you install these things into the gutter, it will be costly and complicated. In this case, you can install an entire rain gutter system or gutter helmet (gutter guard). Here is the process of installing gutter guards;

  • Before you start installing gutter guards, make sure you examine properly on the gutter system.
  • For pine needles, choose leaf guards installed gutter screens
  • Measure the roof corner and be sure that the old gutter guards removed
  • The gutter’s surface and basement should be clean (Gutters clean) and doesn’t have structural damage
  • Damaged gutters will create serious problems while installing
  • Avoid more labor services and do it yourself so you can save money and more money
  • Put the gutter guards on the house roof drain and downspouts the guards
  • Now complete the roofing and seal the guard with foam seal, you’re done.

How much does a leaf guard cost?

Leaf guard is one kind of gutter guard that is used for protecting the gutter from leaves. If your gutter always gets clogged by the needles and leaves, you should obviously apply a leaf guard on your gutter guard.

This particular gutter guard price isn’t so expensive, but it’s a bit affordable guard. If you’re asking, how much does a leaf guard cost? Actually, it totally depends on your gutter size and material quality.

A leaf guard could cost you 10 – 35$ per foot. For a mid-size home, you will need 170 feet of leaf guard approximately. Ultimately, installing a leaf guard in your home roof will cost you 170×20$ (on average) = $3400. This price range could be increase or decrease based on leaf guard quality.


I hope you like this article about are gutter guards a waste of money or not. Overall, I tried to clarify why gutter guards don’t worth it and what is the gutter guard alternative.

In my consideration, you have to find the best gutter guards; otherwise, you won’t get better service via it. Therefore, support us and don’t forget to read more articles on homedegarden.

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