Top 5 large-sized Bathtub for the tall person (2022 Reviews)

bathtub for tall people

According to the statistic of world average height people, American people’s average height is 6 feet, and European people’s average height is 5.10.

Taking a bath is our daily need, but how it feels when your bathtub is too small for you, and you can’t fit yourself in it. Of course, it will feel too disappointed for you.

The majority of bathtub brands constructed their bath-tubs as the average height size. For this reason, people whose height is more than 6 feet, face a bit of unfitting issue.

If you’re really feeling uncomfortable while taking a bath with your small-sized tubs, have a look at these best bathtubs for tall people. Definitely, you won’t regret it after reading the list of bathtub for tall person, bathtub comparison, and ultimate bathtub buying guide.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Vanity Art
70 Inch
Acrylic Bathtub
Best for
modern design bathroom
Check Price
backpac Vanity Art
71 inch
UPC certified
Acrylic tub
Best for budget Check Price
cordlessblower American Standard
6 feet X 36”
Best for
2 people
Check Price
cordlessblower Wyndham Collection
Melissa 71 inch
Freestanding Bathtub
Best for
decorative bathroom
Check Price
cordlessblower FerdY Bali 59″
Acrylic Freestanding
Soaking Bathtub
Best for
average height
Check Price

In a hurry! Consider these top 3 tall person bathtubs.

You might be in a hurry, that’s why I clarify the whole list and find out the top 3 bathtubs in different categories. Basically, these three tubs are compatible with three types of sections such as tallest bathtub, best seller, and best for money.

74-inch American Standard Deep Soaking Tub (Tallest bathtub)

American standard bathtub is a linen color, pure acrylic material, and rectangle-shaped deep soak-ing bathtub.

It is one of the best bathtubs for two people because its width and extra length are super comfortable and fittable for multiple people.

Slip resistance floor will increase the safeties, and surely it will provide you with maximum immersion and a better bath experience.

Multiple freestanding tub installations and the lightweight body will help you during installation. 74.75-inch length x 38.5-inches width x 22.87-inches height, this is the measurement of this taller bathtub.

70-inch Vanity Art Freestanding modern bathtub (Bestseller & Editors Choice)

There is a number of modern bathtubs available in the online stores, but only one can be the best seller & editor’s choice.

70-inches length, 31.5-inches width, and 28.3-inches height, the vanity art modern bathtubs are made of white acrylic and chrome finishes.

UPC certified slotted overflow, pop-up drain, scratch resistance, easy maintenance, easy-clean, high glossy looks, luxurious oval-shaped design, and all are included in this bathtub. Particularly, this bathtub will be worthy of your every single penny.

71-inch Vanity Art modern soaking tub (Best for money & Affordable)

A 71-inches vanity soaking tub is pretty similar to a 70-inches bathtub, but this one is a more affordable and best bathtub for the money. It is fully UPC certified and the highest quality raw materials ensure its durability and long-lastingness.

Vanity bathtub total size is 70.9-inch length, 33.9-inches in width, and 25.6-inches in height. It means 6 feet to 7 feet people (tall people) can easily fit him in it.

If you are looking for a bathtu-b that keeps the water warm and hot for a maximum of hours, this modern soaking will probably be the impeccable and right choice for you. In fact, you can use this bathtub for multiple intentions such as spa, massage, and bath.

5 Best bathtub for tall person reviews

Taller bathtubs ensure numerous advantages and comforts. In my opinion, an oversized bathtub not only can provide you with relaxation but also you can use those as two-person bathtubs.

As for your needs, I selected the top 5 bathtubs which are related to different criteria and a bit specific for different categories of persons.

Let me explore and define those bathtubs individually and bathtub sizes and prices so you can choose the best tubs possible.

Vanity Art Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub (70-inches)

Vanity is one of the prevalent and demandable bathtub brands. With the most crucial and convenient special features, most bathtubs are quite budget-friendly and attractive.

Suppose your height is 6 feet to 6.5 feet, this freestanding acrylic bathtub definitely perfect for you. Let’s talk about what types of features and specifications this water tub offers.

Vanity art freestanding bathtub is made of 100% glossy white acrylic material that is reinforced with fiberglass and its finishes type is chrome polished. Its total dimension is 70-inch length, 31.5-inches wide, and 28.3-inches in height.

This bathtub is included with the flexible drain hose, slotted overflow, and excluded tub filter (required). Its total weight is 95lbs (47KG approx.), and for ensuring its performance & durability, it has UPC certification.

Besides being UPC certified, it assures stain-resistant, scratch-resistant surface, easy cleaning & maintenance. Because of scratch resistance surface, it will look brand new bath-tub after every cleaning.

Indeed, you won’t find a contemporary stand-alone designed bathtub like vanity art acrylic tub (Best for bathroom décor, use ove decors). It doesn’t matter how stylish your bath-room is; the modern curved design will match impeccably.

Finest selection, raw materials, highest quality, ergonomic features, luxury looks, and modern sleek design; all you will get in this particular and the best soaker tub for a tall person.


  • Pop-up drainage system
  • Slotted overflow feature available
  • Installing method is straightforward (Freestanding)
  • Adjustable with drain hole
  • One year of warranty


  • Not recommended for 7-foot tall people

Vanity Art Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub (71-inch)

Are you looking for any bathtub for 6 4? Vanity art freestanding acrylic bathtub is specifically structured and constructed for 6 feet to 6.4 feet tall people. Also, if you’re thinking to buy the best soaking tub, then I’m going to refer you to this spectacular bath-tubs.

Let me clarify why I prefer this bathtub instead of other top branded bathtubs. This acrylic bathtub dimensions are 71.9-inch in length (72-inch freestanding bathtub), 33.9-inches wide, and 25.6-inches in height.

Also, it has oval shape body, round overflow, flexible drain hose, and freestanding structure. Like other vanity acrylic soaking bathtub, it is also made of premium quality authentic white acrylic material and chrome finishes.

Conveniently, it helps to keep the water warm and hot for a longer time, so you can enjoy the bath for maximum time. The modern curved design will fit and suit any decorative bath.

Comfortable, leisurely soaking experience, better spa, superior bath experience, and long-time warm water shower are all you will get from this bathtub.

Opportunely, for installing it, you won’t need any remodeling or deadbolting. Hopefully, item weight (93 pounds) and the supreme surface will not create any destruction or scratches while installing.


  • The best soaking bathtub ever
  • Usable for multiple purposes (Massage, spa, bath)
  • It suits any types of decorative bath-ro-om.
  • Price point is budget-friendly and inexpensive.
  • UPC certified bathtub


  • The hose might create the problem (probably, not assuredly)

American Standard Evolution Deep Soaking Tub (74-inch)

Concerning the extra-long bathtub, you should look at this American standard Evolution soaking bath-tub. Lightweight body, superior material, rectangular shape, and extra width are all beneficial for tall persons.

We both have enough accurate idea about how American standard tub foremost is. This Deep soak-ing tub measurement is 74.75-inches in length, 38.5-inches in width, and 22.87-inches in height.

It means this bath-tub for tall person is heavily supportive of 2 people. Glossy acrylic with durable fiberglass reinforcement is the bathtub’s primary material, and its color is shiny linen.

Its structure is deep and roomy, so you can immerse your body perfectly and feel maximum comforts. For installing it, you have two freestanding options such as drop-in, deck mount, and under-mount installation.

Whatever types of installing method are easier, you can apply that. These bath-tubs assure deep soak max drain (required), top-mount overflow, and 3-inch deeper water level. The most excellent part is its interior surface is totally slip-resistance floor.


  • You won’t fall slip (It reduce accidents chances)
  • Best as the two-person bathtub
  • Lightweight and multiple options for installing
  • Quality drainage systems


  • Price is a bit expensive

Wyndham Collection Melissa Freestanding Bathtub (71-inch)

Here is another trendy freestanding bathtub, Wyndham Melissa freestanding bathtub. It is available in 3 different sizes such as 60-inch, 65-inch, and 71-inch. If you’re willing to buy a big and tall people bathtub, then you should choose a 71-inch bathtub.

Like its sizes, a total of 4 colors are available too includes brush nickel trim, polished chrome trim, and more. Wyndham Collection bathtub is made of authentic acrylic materials, oval-shaped, and white finishes type bathtub.

For full immersion, manufacturers make it’s interior deeper than other standard tubs. If you think that traditional enamel or steel tubs can keep you warmer than this tub, you’re totally wrong.

To be honest, its installing type is freestanding, but its weight is too heavy, which will affect it while installing. For accurate leveling and stability, it has an adjustable base.

Overall, I think this fabulous Melissa bathtub is going to improve your bathroom décor (Ove decors) magnificently.


  • Multiple sizes available to choose
  • Awesome and admirable features included.
  • Deepwater structure for better immersion
  • Best for bathroom decoration (ove decors)
  • Two years of warranty


  • Its prices aren’t so low to buy

Ferdy Bali Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub (59-inch)

I know you’re wondering to know which the best bathtub is for a tall person. But guess what, it will be beneficial if I recommend you the best bathtub for 6 feet tall people.

Ferdy Bali bathtub is a lightweight, multi-colorful, and single-person bathtub. Its total size is 59-inches long, 28-inches wide, and 23-inches in height.

Ferdy bathtub dimensions in cm will be 150cm x 71cm x 58cm (L x W x H). Glossy white looks, gracefully oval-shaped, freestanding installing system, Toe-tape chrome drain, cUPC certified, and classic slotted overflow; all are included in this bathtub.

It is made of 100% glossy white acrylic and is reinforced with fiberglass so the Ferdy bathtub can perform for a longer time.

It is full of significant features such as non-toxic, non-cracking, high gloss, eco-friendly, durable finish, chemical & cosmetic resistance, and more.

Additionally, it has an anti-sliding gasket which prevents the water leakage system and helps to adjust with the floor drainage system. Above all, you won’t regret buying this bathtub, take my words.


  • Very trendy and remarkable bathtub
  • Best for average size people
  • Perfect bathtub which support cast iron
  • Totally environment-friendly
  • Ensures a unique bathing experience
  • Suction cups available


  • Price is costly to buy

Why you need a tall bathtub?

No one want’s to buy extra-sized goods without their needs and requirements too. Probably, you won’t spend your precious money on a tall bathtub if you don’t require it.

Now the exact question is why do you need a tall bathtub instead of an average-sized bathtub? There is a myriad of reasons available to explain taller bathtub importance. Here are the reasons below;

  • A tall bathtub is perfectly suitable for large heighted people.
  • Oversized bathtubs are pretty easily fittable to 6-7 feet person.
  • A large bathtub is usable for two people comfortably.
  • Tiny or medium-small sizes bathtub doesn’t ensure comfortness while taking a bath.
  • Tall & oversized bathtubs can endure heavyweight people weight effortlessly.
  • This bathtub can take as many amounts of water as you want.
  • The space of two walls or three walls drop in tubs can offer maximum water capacity

How we select the best bathtubs?

While selecting the best bathtubs for this homedegarden post, we did several technical types of research. We never neglect and compromise while selecting the product for the list.

Our product choosing secret is we select only high-quality and taller people favourite tubs. In this case, we checked the bathtub features, benefits, specifications, abilities, additional features, reviews, ratings, durability, endurance limitation, and also budget-friendly prices.

Without considering these benchmarks, not a single bathtub was selected in our list. Overall, I hope our product selection process is enough to provide you with an authentic bathtub list.

Bathtub for taller person buying guide (Things to consider)

As far as I know, over 60% of bathtub buyers can’t manage to buy a faultless and worthiest bathtub. Most of the time, taller person faces this issue because they don’t consider the dimension and product quality.

As a result, they feel uncomfortable while taking a bath in a small bathtub. However, you’re clever enough, that’s why you still reading this bathtub buying guide.

I arranged some crucial topics about taller person bathtub to consider what to avoid and which one to buy. Here is everything you should know about taller person bathtub buying guide. Buying guide could prevent deceiving chances while purchasing bathtub for tall person.

Bathtub dimensions

When you are choosing a large bathtub person, firstly you have to estimate the measure of the bathtub. How it feels when you purchase a 55-inch bathtub, rather your height is 70-inch?

Obviously, you can’t fit yourself in it. This is why you have to choose the correct and accurate sizes of bathtub.

For example, if your height is between 6 feet to 7 feet, then 70-inches to 80-inches bathtub will be consummated. Also, before buying any bathtub doesn’t forget to take the measure of your bathroom inner space.

Shape & design

Bathtub design and shapes are the only things which can improve your washroom looks and décor.  Never try to choose an awkward and ordinary designable or shapeable bathtub.

In my recommendation, the oval shape is the flawless option for any kind of washroom for making it adequate and good-looking.

Types & style

Round up, square, oval; these are the most renowned different styles of bathtub. While buying a tall person bathtub try to purchase a square or oval style bathtub. Not only these are spectacular for a tall person, but also they are constructed as the client’s requirements.

Easy installation

We both know that bathtub weight is too heavy (90lbs to 120lbs). Because of their weight and size, installing is quite difficult and arduous. Different types of bathtubs support diver’s installation system.

For instance, you should choose a freestanding bathtub. A freestanding bathtub is so comfier and straight forward to install. In fact, it won’t require any plumber or installer to set in the bathroom.


Ceramic, marvel, acrylic, copper are the major material of various types of a bathtub. All the materials type is pretty magnificent and provides longer usability and performance.

So, which bathtub material is worthy? If you want my prefaration, that will be acrylic material. Acrylic material is lightweight, strongest; last longer, and is worthwhile for a bathtub. Materials are enough to be the best bathtub for tall people.

Surface & colour

Finest and premium surface (Specifically, chrome finish) improves the bathtub quality and performance to the next level. On the other hand, low-quality bathtub surfaces got scratches quickly.

Also, you have to choose an attractive colorful bathtub because it will make your bathroom eye-catchy and stylish. White color is the best option for any type of bathroom; you can try this color.


In the bathroom accessories and items, the most expensive item is the bathtub. Because of its material, largeness, and high-quality features, its prices can be higher. online stores tubs can help you to save money and can be proper space size.

If you have a maximum of 500$ budget for a tub, then you can buy an average quality tub. But if you increase your budget to 700$, definitely you can have an outstanding and superior bathtub.

How to fit yourself in a small bathtub?

Hopefully, you replaced your old and diminutive bathtub with an extra-tall bathtub. If yes, then assuredly you won’t face any complicated issue to fit yourself in it.

However, what you’ll do if you’re out of home and you need a shower badly? It will be a critical situation for you, especially if the bathtub size is shorter than yours.

This is why you should learn how to fit yourself in a small bathtub carefully and utterly. I have an incredible step-by-step process to fit you in minor the bathtub.

First of all, measure the whole bathtub with your eyes and try to obtain which angle will be adequate for you. (In my opinion, keep your head southwest and place the legs at the northeast).

Before you step into the tub, make sure the water temperature is endurable (You can check the water temp by your hand or left foot).

Don’t lie down yourself at first; try to be a seat in the tub.

Now fold your knees and back down your hip in the tub corner.

Spread your legs now as much possible as you can do.

Hopefully, you will get a better result with this bathtub seating guide.

Watch the video of how to take bath for relaxing

How to take a perfect bath

Benefits of large-sized bathtubs

When it comes to using any bathroom items such as bathtub, shower, faucet, mat, or other accessories, we consider a lot about their benefits, usability, and worthiness.

Like other bathroom items and accessories, bathtubs contain a number of advantages features, and worthiness. Large-sized tubs increase the benefits and solve the problems.

Specifically, if you don’t know what types of benefits you are going to have via oversized and largest bathtubs, let me specify and clarify the benefits below;

  1. Multiple People can enter and take a shower properly by large size bathtubs (Best for all family members)
  2. A large bathtub for tall people makes the bathroom more elegant & designable.            
  3. Tall bathroom tubs increase the property value (Especially bathroom property)
  4. Bathtub prices might be high, but these tubs last longer.
  5. Large bathtubs assure a minimum of 5 years of warranty.
  6. The best option for pain relief and massage
  7. This bathroom tub helps to breathe easily and effortlessly.

Overall, these are the basic benefits you will get from the largest bathtubs if you install them right in your bathroom. In my consideration, if you want to take your bathroom to a different level, then install a large shower tub now.

If you don’t have any functional shaver in your bathroom, you can try our phillips norelco shavers. Definitely it will be incredible choice and fitable for better shaving experience.

Important Related FAQs

Should I buy oversized bathtubs?

Obviously, everyone should buy oversized bathtubs because of multiple reasons. Those are;

  • You can install hot water heater at large bathtubs
  • Because of deeper tub, it is usable as double person bathtub
  • you will get enough room while taking bath
  • Tall people can feel all the overflow features
  • These bathtubs for tall people and heavyweight, but short people will get a phenomenal experience

How much does a walk-in tub weigh?

Generally, a walk-in tub is a unique and exceptional bathtub. Because of its structure, walk-in tub weight is heavier than other ordinary or particular bathtubs.

Different sizes tubs’ weight is dissimilar from others. However, if I consider their weight averagely, then a walk-in tub weighs more than 200lbs approximately.

Is soaking bathtub any good?

Maximum bathroom floor and freestanding bathtubs offer maximum soaking depth. When you can soak yourself utterly, In my opinion, soak-type freestanding tubs are way better than other bathtubs. Alternatively, if you don’t like it then I will prefer you to use a drop-in bathtub because it also offers maximum soaking water depth.

Can I make my bathtub taller?

Unfortunately, you can make your bathtub taller at the length direction, but fortunately, it is possible by the height direction. In short words, you can increase your bathtub height, not the length.

For instance, if you apply an adjustable extra overflow attachment, your bathtub height will increase, and the shape will change automatically.

How big is a two-person bathtub?

Well, whenever we tried to choose a bathtub for a tall person, we think why we don’t buy a two-person bathtub also. Before you reach the consideration stage, you have to estimate the bathroom space (if it’s a small space) with that chosen bathtub.

In a two-person bathtub, length doesn’t matter; the matter is the width. 2 person bathtubs are 60 – 80-inches in length and 45-inches in width big.

How high can a bathtub be?

While taking a bath relaxing is very crucial. When it comes to relaxing, your bathtub must have proper and convenient height; otherwise, you can’t lie down perfectly in it. The majority of bathtub height can be a maximum of 28-inches.

What are big bathtubs called?

There are various types of the bathtub available entire the world like rectangle, triangle, corner, walk-in tub, oval, round-up, and more. But the big bathtubs are called the corner tubs, these bathtubs are larger, wider, take large space, and are expensive. Don’t forget to call this name (Bathtubs for tall people) while purchasing.

What is the largest bathtub of all time?

According to the Guinness world record, the largest bathtub is the 84-inch bathtub, which belongs to the 84″ malibu by americh.

Also, the Colosseo bathtub from the UK continent is the 2nd largest bathtub. I hope you understand now which the best & largest bathtubs of all time are.

Final words

Making a list of bathtub for tall person reviews either isn’t so easy or complicated. It’s a process, which is completed by research, suggestions, and recommendations.

In this taller person bathtub article, I found the top 5 spectacular and top-rated bathtubs. After reading the bathtub buying guide, I hope you gained now how to buy a bathtub.

Also, frequently asked questions and other specific questions about bathtubs will help you to gain maximum knowledge about water tubs.

In conclusion, thank you so much for completing the whole bathtub post, and for spending your precious time also.

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