Top 10 Best fireplace grates reviews (Buying guide & Tips)

best fireplace grates

Who doesn’t have a fireplace right in their home? It’s hard to find a house that doesn’t have a fireplace system, especially in Montana, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Michigan (Entire the USA).

For this fireplace, we arrange various types of tools, kits, and accessories. But there is an accessory that can protect the fireplace floor from heat damage and can provide you incomparable warmth.

That particular accessory name is fireplace grate. Best fireplace grates provide necessary air circulation (air flow) to the fire, get efficient fire, protect the floor, and prevent fire accidents. In this opportune article, you will read;

  • Top 10 best fireplace grates
  • Lifetime Fireplace grate buying guide
  • Types of fireplace grates
  • Crucial general faqs & more

Top 10 best fireplace grates reviews

Image Product Why it’s best?  Price
backpac Amagabeli Fireplace
Log Grate (24″)
Best for
indoor Chimney
Check Price
backpac Zero Clearance
Fireplace Grate
Best for
small fireplace
Check Price
cordlessblower Amagabeli 27in
Top-rated Check Price
cordlessblower Minuteman
cast Iron Fireplace Grate
Best for
largest fireplace
Check Price
cordlessblower WBHome
Fireplace Grate
21 inch
Best for
large firewood
Check Price
cordlessblower HY-C Liberty
fire grate 22-inch
Best for low budget Check Price
cordlessblower GO Heavy Duty
Steel Fireplace Grate
Supports any types fireplaces Check Price
cordlessblower Grate
Ember Retainer (30″)
Best for long term use Check Price
cordlessblower Amagabeli 24in
Log Grate
Best for
long time heat
Check Price
cordlessblower Custom Firescreen Inc
Woodeze 36″
Fireplace grate
Lifetime guarantee Check Price

The fireplace is magnificently important to us, and it’s more important to find a solution that prevents accidents and ensures risk-free fire in the home.

Before you scroll down, let me tell you something about fire grates; after getting suggestions from the experts and considering renowned fireplace grate reviews, I assembled the 10 best grates.

This top 10 list is combined with several types and sizes grates (All are prevalent and works remarkably). I hope you will find this post beneficial and worthwhile.

Amagabeli Fireplace Log Grate

Amagabeli Grate is one of the spectacular and renowned steel grates. This grate is the most demandable grate that I have ever seen. The most major reason is it contains satisfactory and praisable features.

Amagabeli log grate is available in 3 different decorative sizes 21-inches, 24-inches, and 30-inches. It means you can select any grate as your fireplace space size.

The average-sized grate measure is 24-inches in length x 11.25-inches in width x 7.5-inches in height. Because of its 7.5-inches height, wood will get maximum air circulation, which is sufficient for longtime burning.

Particularly, manufactures of this raised pleasant hearth fireplace grate added V-shape wrought iron crossbar firewood rack and seven steel bars. For easy lighting, its rack holds the fire logs and kindling close.

Also, it burns coal and firewood more gently and securely. Thick steel (material ensures long lastness and lifetime use. Opportunely, you can use this best fire grate as the both indoor wood burning grate (wood stove) and outdoor fireplaces fire pit grate.

Additional features:

  • Multiple flat steel bars available
  • Usable as indoor and outdoor grates
  • Height ensures magnificent air circulation
  • Best heavy steel fireplace grate


  • Ensures lifetime usability
  • Multiple sizes are available
  • You can attach ash pan additionally
  • Renowned, durable, and worthy
  • Price is budget-friendly


  • The grate isn’t available for the tiniest fireplace

Landmann 9718S4 Zero Clearance Fireplace Grate

Zero clearance fireplace grates are a well-known type of firegrate. Most of the users think zero clearance grates are the perfect option to place it in their fireplace.

This grate is advantageous because it has durable steel meshes. Constructed with ½ inches steel bar meshes and it has a total of 4 bars. Its actual demission is 18-inched wide and 5-inches in height.

For efficient and hotter fire, its ember retainer holds embers in place. In fact, the ember retainer can hold fire starter and kindling both.

Landmann grate color and black and it are designed for firewood only. If you haven’t any firewood, then you should process the wood with a firewood processor.

Landmann 9718S4 grate has a gas smaller logs connection system; if you have a gas connection through your fireplace, then you can set it up with a gas log.

Additional features:

  • Gas log connection
  • Durable steel mesh
  • Only supports firewood


  • Cheapest fireplace grate
  • Stable at any fireplace
  • Easy to install or remove


  • It won’t last more than one year, approximately

Amagabeli Fire Grate Log Grate (Round)

As I told you before that Amagbeli is the best and prevalent brand for choose fire log grate. Amagbeli grate is pretty remarkable as the best outdoor grate and popular for different types & shaped grates.

Uniquely, this log grate is round spider wagon wheel firewood grates. Interestingly, it looks like a spider net, and it is a wrought iron fire pit too.

A total of 2 sizes are available in it, such as 24-inch and 27-inches grate. Its total decorative measure is 27-inches long, 27-inches wide, and 7.33-inches in height (27x27x7.33).

This grate has a stove-burning fire rack holder with pleasant hearth 4Legs and 12 steel bars, which lift the wood from the chimney while burning fire (protects the fireplace floor). Its round-up shapes increase maximum heat up the coal and wood appropriately.

Conveniently, this heavy-duty fireplace log grate is super slid, easy to install, no assembling requires, usable as indoor & outdoor grate, and melt-free materials.

Additional features:

  • Maximum bars added to it
  • Usable as a fire pit


  • Outdoor & indoor both supportive
  • Easy to install & remove
  • Provides efficient burns
  • Its height protects the chimney floor


  • Price is a bit expensive

Minuteman International Non-Tapered Iron Fire Grates (FG6-36NTC)

Are you looking for any 36″ fireplace gr-ate and vertical fireplace grates, have a look at the Minuteman iron fireplace grate.

This international grate is available in two different sizes as 28-inches wide x 17-inches long and 36-inches wide x 17-inches long. This amazing grate provides adequate airflow and efficient burn, allowing only ash to fall, not firewood.

That’s why; it makes the fireplace cleaning process more straightforward and simple. If you’re confused about it grate front or back size, then let me clarify it.

Its front width is 35-inch, 36-inch back width, and 18-inch depth. The diamond section makes it more sturdy and persistent.

Beneficially, you don’t have to remove the whole grate while cleaning because you will get an ash pan set GT-36 for collecting debris and ash.

Additional feature:

  • Size is so big
  • Ashpan is available free with it
  • Front and back dual size


  • No assembling require
  • Easy to clean without removing
  • Best for outdoor and large fireplace


  • Its price range is average

WBHome Fireplace Grate

Ember bed-type fireplace grates are the best grate for large fireplaces and large firewoods burning. 24-inch and 30-inch, only two sizes are available in this WBHome fireplace grate heater.

It is structured with seven steel bars and a V-shape rack. You can comfortably reach the fire starter to the wood and burning the coal more securely because of its wideness.

This best fireplace grate material is thick solid steel bar rods. Not only its material is sturdy, but also heavy-duty and durable, and decorative for outdoor.

It is usable as indoor decorative wood-burning fireplaces and outdoor durable fire pit grate (wood stoves). It ensures easy portability, and you can install it at any place includes backyards, patios, deck, mantel fireplace, and chimney.

Assuredly, you will find this grate wall beneficial and worthwhile.

Additional feature:

  • Indoor & outdoor both supportive
  • Heavy-duty material and decorative
  • The rack is too wide for large firewoods.


  • Price is budget-friendly
  • Multi-purpose usability
  • Easy portability and install
  • Hand-burn free using


  • I didn’t found any cons yet.

HY-C Liberty Foundry FireGrate

There is a myriad of phenomenal and strongest fire grates available all around you, but you won’t find any best fireplace great like the HY-C firing grate.

It is a heavy-duty cast iron fireplace grates, and it ensures long-term durability and long-term performance. HY-C grate total measurement is 25.2-inches length x 16.9-inches width x 9.5-height, and demission is 22-inches front x 19-inches back x 12-inches depth, and it has 4-inch cast-on leg clearance.

This means you can set up this powerful heavy-duty grate into your average-sized grate. Its tiny holes only let the ash fall down, not coals, and it allows air to circulate freely and fan your flame.

If you have a zero clearance fireplace or open masonry fireplace, this particular grate would be fabulous for you.

Additional feature:

  • Incredible size and back & front measure
  • Easily placeable


  • Weight is average and easily portable
  • It will last longer than your expectation
  • Usable in multiple fireplaces


  • Price is average high

GO Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grates

Talk about which grate is the best steel freak fireplace grate, and I think Go heavy-duty steel fireplace grate will be the best one. Averagely, this total grate measurement is 24-inches long X 11.25-inches wide X 7.5-inches in height.

Heavy-duty steel construction assures 100% more durable and unbreakable grate. This whole grate body is coated with high-quality temperature resistance paint, and its color makes it elegant.

Actually, it’s a tapered shape grate, and because of its individual shape, you can install it at any fireplace. Overall, I hope you’ll find this great convenience and worthwhile.

Additional features:

  • No additional features


  • Installable at any types of fireplaces
  • Temperature resistance paint coated on it
  • Its steel assures long term usability
  • Available at an affordable price


  • It isn’t available in large size

Landmann Steel Fireplace Grate (USA 97306)

Ember retainer makes a grate influence and vigorous. Opportunely, the Landmann fireplace grates come with an ember retainer. This ember retainer will improve its heating performance, and it will help to get superior air circulation flow.

It is made of the USA-qualified solid square bar steel material. If you’re looking for any 30-inch fireplace grate, then you should consider Landmann steel grate.

It has tapers toward the back, 6 bars, and steel mesh. Steel mesh won’t let the coal and firewood fall down on the chimney or fire floor.

Additional features:

  • The iron mesh was added to it.
  • Multiple robust bars available


  • Made of USA materials
  • Very reliable and works impressively
  • Very cheap to buy
  • It comes with an Ember retainer.


  • Multiple sizes aren’t available.

Amagabeli Fire Grate Log Grate

The majority of people think round-up fire grate is the worthiest grate to buy. Particularly, a myriad of best lifetime fireplace grates are available, but a round-shaped grate contains beneficial features instead of other types of grates.

Wrought Iron Fire Pit Round Spider Wagon Wheel grate is made of authentic material and two sizes available in it such as 24-inch and 27-inch.

Log holder rack will last a lifetime, 12 steel bars, four legs, easy to lighting, 0.7inch square bar steel, super slid, easy to clean, and usable as the fire pit. Therefore, I think you should try the Amagbeli fire log grate at least once.

Additional feature:

  • Usable as the fire pit
  • Indoor and Outdoor supportive grates
  • High amounts of bars
  • It has the best bottom line


  • Easy to lighting
  • No need to assemble
  • Super slid & easy to clean


  • No steel mesh

Custom Firescreen Inc Woodeze grate

Here are another 36-inch fireplace grates, and it is also a custom fireplace grate—Woodes approx. Measurement is 36-inches front x 32-inches back x 17 depth; also, its overall height is 8.7-inches.

It means you can call this custom grate the 32 strongholds contoured lifetime fire grate from the backside. Conveniently, the manufactures of this grate promise about lifetime guarantee and deeply wood-burning safety.

It is 100% USA quality, and its total weight is about 53lbs approximately. This extra tall fire grate won’t melt at an unthinkable temperature. The reason is this grate for wood burning fireplace insert and melts protective.

Additional feature:

  • Extra heighted fireplace grates
  • Measure is customizable


  • 100% USA quality materials
  • It won’t melt easily
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Deep wood burning safety


  • It is a heavyweight grate

Why you need a fireplace grate?

Basically, over 42% of people don’t use fireplace grates because they don’t know how many benefits it contains from fireplace grates.

Everyone needs a firewood stove grate because its protectability and workability are admirable and secure. Let me point out some thoughts on why you need a fireplace grate;

  1. Grate helps to get fire more efficiently and accurately
  2. You can easily and rapidly light the fire
  3. Fire the grate wall ensures incredible heat production
  4. It improves air circulation through the woods and flames
  5. You can easily remove and clean the coal
  6. Without any tools, you can manage the fire
  7. Better drifting and less effort

How to install a fireplace grate?

If you don’t know how to install a fireplace grate or how to position a fireplace grate, then have a look at some incredible tips. Here’s the fireplace grate installing method in 7 steps.

Know first what types of grate it is and what convenient features it has.

Is your grate having a gas connection, fire processor connection, or heater connectivity?

Whatever connection you have, set up that connection (A gas pipe, processor, or fire heater).

Install the bars and meshes of fire grates.

Put the whole grate into the fireplace (Be careful).

Keep the grate right in the center position so it can heat well and properly.

Take a demo, and try to examine it is fitted properly or not; that’s it.

What size fireplace grate do I need?

Numerous people face the confusion of what size fireplace grate do they need actually. Fireplace grate requiring size depends totally on your fireplace interior space.

If your fireplace has huge space & a surface, then definitely you can go for large sizes grates. The best fireplace grate size is 21-inches in width, 12-inches in length, and 6-inches in height.

Therefore, try to choose these sizes of wood fire grate instead of other sizes.

How to measure for a fireplace grate?

Taking the accurate and faultless measure for a fireplace grate isn’t so complicated or tough task. Indeed, anyone can take the correct measure for their fire grate. Here’s how to measure for a fireplace grate;

Obtain the fireplace area first and estimate the measure in your mind first.

After that, take the length, height, and width demission of the fireplace.

As your taken measurement, it’s time to find a suitable heavy duty fireplace grate. Watch the video below

on how to measure a fireplace

How to choose a fireplace grate (Buying Guide)

According to statistics, over 72% of people never consider the features, specifications, and additional features of their choose grate. As a result, they are deceived badly by fake sellers and even substandard products.

If you don’t want to waste your money, you have to know how to choose a fireplace grate. Here are some things you should consider before buying a fireplace grate (fireplace grate buying guide);

Fireplace measure

Measuring the fireplace is the first major thing you have to do before purchase. It seems too worse when you already bought a grate, but it won’t fit in the fireplace. That’s why; try to measure the whole fireplace, especially height, length, and width.

Grate demission

After measuring the fireplace now, you have to find out a grate that will be appropriate for your fireplace. For example, your fireplace width is about 30-inches; in this case, a 24-inches grate will be a fabulous size for it.


Steel, cart-iron, and stainless steel, all the materials are quality full. But I don’t think steel can endure the temperature better than cast iron. There, my opinion for you is to use a cast iron fireplace grate instead of other steel grates.


Grate shape depends on your fireplace demission and your comfortability. If you think a round-up fire grate is handier to manage the fire, you should go for a round-shaped grate.

Convenient features

While choosing the best fireplace grate, try to find grates that have maximum convenient features and benefits. Indeed, less featured grate won’t provide you maximum noteworthy features.

Price or cost

Pleasant hearth Grate price totally depends on its material and size. Obviously, high-quality material will cost you highly. Outdoor fireplace grate prices are a bit higher than indoor fireplace grate.

On average, medium sizes will cost you $50 – $60. Large sizes fire grate and fire pit will cost you $100 – $150 nearly. So, don’t pay more prices instead of these average amounts.

Top 5 types of the fireplace grate

Nearly fireplace grate is available in 8 types of fireplace grate all around the world. You can put them in the divers’ category by their shape, demission, curving, and material quality.

I’m not going to explore all eight grates in here; rather, I will recommend you which are the top 5 types of the fire grate.

Ember bed

Ember bed fireplace grate is structured and constructed with small holes, steel mesh, and durable steel angles. This grate is well-known for being the hottest and longest burn. If you want to heat up your home quickly, you should choose this ember bed-type fire grate.

Extra tall

If your fireplace has a gas connection or has any way to fix the fireplace’s gas pipe, you should use an extra tall fireplace grate. Extra tall grate height is a bit taller than other ordinary fire grates; its tallness allows more airflow and increases air circulations.


Custom fireplace grate is one of the grates which measures are increasable and decrease. You can change its width, height, and length as your fireplace demission or your requirement.

Therefore, if you’re facing a problem fitting the fire grate in the fireplace, it is definitely a custom grate for you.


The self-feeding fire grate shape looks like a sloped-shaped bowl, and this grate is popular for less effort and more fire. The opportune feature of this spectacular grate is you don’t have to manage the fire and woods.

Zero clearance

If you’re looking for any small-sized or easily fittable grate, then I can recommend zero clearance grates. In other words, if you don’t have large space in your fireplace interior, then zero clearance would be a perfect choice for your fireplace.

Related Faqs

What is the best type of fireplace grate?

Talk about the best type of fire burning logs (fireplace log grate); there are too many available to recommend. However, if we consider the material types of fireplace grate, then the best type of fireplace grate is steel & mesh combination grate.

In other words, you should choose a custom fire grate because you can easily set up this type of grate in your fireplace.

Should I buy cast-iron grates?

Cast iron contains 2% of carbon, which is a lot of carbon than any other iron. Because of the high amount of carbon, cast iron grates don’t melt easily. Therefore, you should buy cast iron fireplace grates instead of steel fireplace grates.

Are steel bar grates any good?

Unfortunately, the steel fireplace grate doesn’t assure maximum burning wood like cast iron grate. Steel bar grate isn’t a quality fireplace grate for long-term heating (longer fire burning).

Rather, some of the thick steel don’t assure maximum fire burns efficiently. Especially, it can’t be usable on indoor fireplaces or fireplace floors.

Still, If you like steel grate, you must choose a heavy-duty steel fireplace grate or thicker steel.

overall, it’s a wrong grate that could burn itself instead of burn wood. So, avoid steel grate heaters and use cast iron steel fireplace grates.

How do I choose a fireplace grate?

It’s better to gather as much information as possible before choosing a fireplace grate. If you’re successful in assembling the information about grate, then you can choose an impeccable grate rapidly and easily.

Consequently, before you choose any fireplace grate, don’t forget to consider these points;

  • Demission / Measurement
  • Material quality
  • Fireplace size
  • Weight
  • Price

Is the fireplace grate worth it?

Of course, fireplace grates are worth it. For example, if you avoid using fireplace grate, your floor can get hilarious damage, accidentally can catch fire, even you can face difficulties to manage the fires.

Also, the fire grate helps the wood to be burned for a longer time. Above all, a grate can save your money through less wood, fire accidents, and floor damage; this means the fireplace grate really worth it.

What is the best price for the best fireplace grate?

Best fireplace grate price comes with different range. Basically, these grates’ prices depend on their material quality and size. More large sizes & quality full grate prices are higher than ordinary grates. On average, $60 is the best price for the grate.

Why does my fireplace grate melt?

Unfortunately, most fireplace grates melts because of their low-quality material or unnecessary equipment. Your fireplace grate can be melt for several reasons, but the main reason for grate melting that is for Paint. If you consider these traditional grates tips, then you can save your grate from melting.

  • Buy premium solid steel fireplace such grates
  • Avoid small fireplaces for grate sits and less burning fuel
  • Lifetime grate assures efficient burning (Specifically, amagabeli fireplace)
  • Use ash buildup, mesh tray, air flows, middle legs

Final words

We have come to the end of this best fireplace grates reviews article. I hope all matters which I had been told; you found this information’s truthful and guidable.

Definitely, the ultimate buying guide, grate types, and other questions were able to clarify your thoughts on the grates. I have an extra tip for you; from these ten grates, I can prefer you to use Landmann 9718S4 and Amagabeli Fire Grate (Highly recommended).

In conclusion, thank you so much for reading the whole informative through the homedegarden.

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