Top 5 Best firewood processor for the money (Reviews+Buying guide)

best firewood processor for the money

Processing the firewood by axe and the ordinary procedure is very laborious and strenuous. There is a time when people process the wood for the fire by axe and that requires lots of effort. 

Indeed, that time is no more because people already find a hassle-free wood processing way. 

A firewood processor can handle your tons of woods precisely and unequivocally. 

This particular machine could run by electricity, gas, and oil. Its hydraulic system pressures divide tree wood separately and turn them into small pieces, so you can use them as the firewood. 

Via this firewood processor (Wood Splitter) either you can do business, service, or for your personal use. In reality, a firewood processor can save you enough exertion and time; that’s why; I gather some of the best firewood processors for the money. 

Besides these 5 best firewood processors, an ultimate buying guide, benefits, tricks & tips, there has a lot to talk about in this post, so scroll now.

5 best firewood processor for the money (Reviews + Pros & Cons)

Wood splitter or firewood processor whatever you called, but this is an individual machine that demands are increasing day by day. 

We live in a modern generation and that’s why we have to use contemporary, advanced, and modern machines for wood splitting. 

In truth, I’m not going to refer you to some expensive firewood processor; rather I will recommend you budget-friendly and highly efficient processors. Here are the top 5 firewood processor reviews;

Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter (Green color)

Hydraulic Log Splitter

The first recommendation on the wood splitter (wood processor) you will get from me, is the Sun Joe LJ10M hydraulic log splitter. It is one of the cheap firewood processors and a totally additional cost-free firewood processor. 

For example, the majority of wood processors run by a motor that’s why they require gas, electricity, or oil. Beneficially, the SUN Joe wood processor doesn’t have any motor; rather, it works by spring force. 

Hydraulic green color (pretty attractive colorful) wood processors can provide 10 tons of driving force, which are sufficient to divide the wood into small pieces. 

This splitter ensures a large capacity that is about 18-inches long and 8-inches wide. It means you can put any large tree piece in the splitting section willingly. 

Sun Joe has a powerful and efficient RAM spring, which resets the wood as quickly as possible and doesn’t create jamming or clogging. Sun Joe LJ10M body and the whole frame are constructed of premium quality steel material. 

Long dual handle and piston rods will make your wood processing comfier and smoother. This machine’s total weight is 87lbs; that’s why manufacturers added multiple wheels for ensuring better portability.


  • Noise-free and additional cost-free
  • Easy to move and ensures comfortable portability
  • It has a large capacity for putting large woods
  • Price is budget-friendly


  • It doesn’t have any motor systematically

EARTHQUAKE W1200 Compact Electric Log Wood Splitter

Electric Log Wood Splitter

In truth, I love the function and workability of the EARTHQUAKE W1200 compact electric log wood splitter. In my opinion, it’s the best firewood processor for the money. 

Its overall size, powerful motor, design, operating system, warranty, and other features probably are going to blow your mind. Actually, this wood processor is constructed and designed as a lightweight rolling design and unimaginably its cycle time is only 22 seconds. You won’t believe it, but it’s the reality of this incredible wood splitting machine. 

20inch maximum log length and it can guarantee 5-ton driving force. No gas, no oil, no effort, only you have to do that is plug in and switch the electricity power. 

For portability and transport, it comes with a rubber-coated handle. EARTHQUAKE W1200 is rugged and tough, large & dependable, versatile, portable, easily usable, reliable, and ensures quick cycle power. 

5 years of warranty and 90-day commercial warranty are promising by EARTHQUAKE manufactures, sound great, isn’t it?


  • Price is reasonable and purchasable
  • It doesn’t require any hand or body effort
  • Powerful, rugged, and tough
  • Ensures quick cycle engine power


  • It takes additional electricity cost

Champion 37-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

Have a look at what I got for you, the monster of all wood processor, Champion full-beam gas log splitter. If you don’t want to provide minimum endeavor and striving for processing the firewood, this vertical full-beam gas firewood processor is highly suggested to you. 

It is available in 3 types of engines such as 79cc engine (7 tons), 224cc engine (25 tons), and 338cc engine (37 tons). Therefore, whatever types of the powerful engine based log splitter you want, you can choose from this individual branded splitter. 

Assuredly, a single-cylinder OHV engine will be going to improve its performance and workability magnificently. 

Champion wood processing machines come with significant versatility because you can convert its function from horizontal to vertical in seconds. 

Its capacity is pretty large for keeping large and heavy logs. One cycle requires 16 seconds and in 1 hour it can do 200 cycles; it has dependable auto-return valve capability also. 

16-inch tires will help you during transport or portability. Opportunely, you will get 2 years of warranty with it.


  • Very powerful and comes with a persistence engine
  • Multiple types are available to choose
  • It has an auto return system


  • Price is a bit costly

KABIN Kindle Quick Log Splitter (Manual Splitting Tool)

Best firewood processor for the money

Don’t believe in the machine or you don’t think the firewood processor machine isn’t reliable? Then you should use KABIN kindle quick log splitter. Basically, it’s the best small firewood processor you will not find elsewhere. 

The safest, smallest, efficient, and manual log splitting tool it is. Interestingly, it hasn’t any motor; still, you won’t need any axe to cut the woods. 

Actually, it has a sharp and indestructible blade, only you have to just throw the wood on the blade that’s it. 

Bolt holes are added on the base, so you can adjust the firewood processor with any deck, stump, or anchor. And X shape design will ensure tremendous stability, height, and superior performance. 

Harder and stronger cast iron is its major materials. KABIN kindle quick long splitter (small firewood processor) total weight is 12 pound approximately, that means you can transport and move it from one place to another comfortably. 

If you have any idea about forging or you’re a blacksmith then you can make a homemade firewood processor like it.


  • Noise-free and additional cost-free
  • Doesn’t require any oil, gas, electricity
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Price is super affordable


  • You might have to give some effort while wood processing

YARDMAX Half Beam Gas Log Splitter (YS2865 28 Ton)

Firewood processor machine

Yard MAX half beam gas firewood processor is the king of all wood processors. It isn’t a circular saw firewood processor; rather it processes the wood by heavy and dynamic pressure. 

This 6.5HP 208cc Briggs and Stratton engine runs by Gas and it can provide up to 28 to 30 tons of pressure. This particular gas log splitter comes with versatility; those are horizontal and vertical splitting systems. 

It has a 7.5-inches 2-way wedge, which can easily break larger diameter wood into two pieces. You know what, its U-Beam structural design is very powerful, strengthening, and works more vigorously than typical I-Beam design. 

Two large tires will make your portability comfier and conveniently. In the package besides the wood processor, you will get hardware, hydraulic fluid; a flip-down stand, 2 log cradles, and a 2″ ball. 

YARDMAX log splitter total measurement is 48.5-inches in height x 82-inches in length x 36.3-inches in width. Consequently, it will fit readily in your garden or your home garage.


  • It produces ponderous and dynamic pressure
  • Measurement is perfect for setting up in the garden
  • Dual log cradles and spinner plate enables in it


  • It’s a costly firewood processor

Why should you use a firewood processor (Wood Splitter)?

People called firewood processors by different names such as wood splitter, log splitter, wood divider, and by other specific names. Lots of people ask why you should use a firewood processor. 

Well, processing the large wood for the fire isn’t so uncomplicated and a convenient task. You have to be a muscle man and strong enough to operate the axe right on the wood. 

A firewood processor prevents effort, diligence, and sweating. Because it runs by motorized machine, you don’t have to provide any pressure on the wood. In fact, it will divide the wood into small pieces rapidly and precisely. 

Also, it decreases the accident chances; you can save enough time and effort if you have a firewood processor. That’s why I wrote this article about the best firewood processor for the money. I hope you understand now, why I should use a firewood processor instead of an axe.

Which is the most Productive Firewood Processor?

I researched a lot on which is the most productive firewood processor, after considering all the thoughts and machines, I think Champion 37-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter is the most productive firewood processor. 

Cord king firewood processor also a bit favorable as the productive wood processor. 

A productive firewood processor means a firewood processor that can process the maximum amount of wood at a certain time. 

For example, an ‘X’ firewood processor can process 15 planks of wood in a minute whereas a ‘Y’ firewood processor can process 25 planks of wood in a minute. It means, ‘Y’ firewood processor is more productive than the ‘X’ wood processor.

What is the firewood processor?

A firewood processor is one kind of instrument or motorized machine which works to split the large wood and make them into tiny pieces. 

In other words, we have to resize the wood for firing them, and we can’t put the large wood into the fire because large woods take a myriad time to get fire. 

Resizing them with the axe is a bit complicated, firewood processor works similar to an axe, but it does this task by motor pressure. If you don’t know what is the firewood processor or how a firewood processor work, then I have an understandable video for you, look below;

How to use a log splitter

How to use a firewood processor?

Using a firewood processor is as simple as your complicated thought. Firewood processors have different types such as motorized, electric, motorless, and single blade systems. 

Different types of firewood processors work differently and their using method is distinct from others. 

Normally, most people use electric, gas, or oil motorized firewood processors. That’s why; I will tell you how to use a firewood processor specifically (Electric, Gas, Oil). Here are firewood processor ideas and using tips for you;

  • First of all, plug the firewood processor machine with electricity power (Electric machine), Fill the gas tank or oil tank (Gas or oil machine).
  • Before you start the machine, make sure there are no kids and no specific person without you.
  • Take a wood piece and put it on the splitter or machine deck
  • Start the machine and break the wood as your needs
  • If your machine hasn’t auto return system then use the handle
  • Remember, don’t place your hand on the middle, try to keep your both hand in both sides of the wood

How to Choose the Right Firewood Processor (Buying guide)

Buying guides is always a special part for every beginner while buying some stuff. In a buying guide, generally, you learn what types of products you should choose, about their benefits, disadvantages, what to avoid, what to consider. 

In short words, you can say, it’s an ultimate buying guide that is going to prevent deceiving chances. 

After tough research and considering expert thoughts, I managed some crucial topics on how to choose the right firewood processor as the firewood processor buying guide.  

Pressure power

Power and pressure are very important in a firewood processor machine. More pressure means more quickly wood splitting. In this case, you have to consider how much tons of pressure the machine can provide. 

5-10 ton pressure is enough for family use, or if you need a wood log splitter for business or service, then you should choose a 20-30 tons pressure provider splitter.

Engine types

While buying a wood processor engine types really matters a lot. A high cc engine will work efficiently and it will make your job uncomplicated. Also, you have to examine its engine types; either it supports oil, gas, or electricity. Oil and electric wood processors are a bit more handy to use than a gas engine.


Numerous people like to use a log splitter in horizontal shape, but some people like vertical shape. That means it will be better for you if you choose the best wood processor that has enough versatility.

Additional cost

As I told you before, a firewood processor runs on electricity, gas, and oil. So, you have to spend an additional cost to run the machine and there is no way to avoid it. 

Therefore, try to look at what types of the natural element is cheap in your area. For example, the electricity bill is a bit cheaper than oil and gas, which means, you should go for the electric type wood processor.

Portability and size

Portability and average size will help during storing it or transporting it. For instance, I will prefer you to choose large wheels that enable the firewood processing machine.

Price or cost

Actually, a firewood processor is a bit costly to buy. A functional and large log splitter could cost you $2000 to $5000. On the other hand, an average type of wood splitter will cost you not more than $500 bucks.

How to make money with a firewood processor?

Not only can a firewood processor generate lots of wood, but also you can make money with a firewood processor. 

You might be questioning how to make money with a firewood processor? Well, the answer is crystal clear, that is via service

You have numerous neighbors all around you, but you’re the only one who has a firewood processor. Now the trick is you have to ask them if they need to process their wood for the fire. 

90% of people will accept your offer, and then you have to tell them you can do it by your machine, but they have to pay you for it. This is the way you can make money with a firewood processor.

What is the best way to pay for a firewood processor machine?

The majority of firewood processors are very expensive and unfortunately, the numbers of people can’t buy it with their cash. A high-quality firewood processor price could be $2000 to $15000 bucks; in truth, it’s a lot of money. 

So, what is the best way to pay for a firewood processor? In my opinion, you should get a loan for it or you can take a lease. Alternatively, you can pay its price by installment either.

Can I do business with a firewood processor?

Obviously, you can do business with a firewood processor. If you don’t have any idea on it, then let me provide you 5 business ideas with a firewood processor.

  1. You can open a shop, where you can provide wood processing service for the money.
  2. Lots of people rent a firewood processor for 1 week or even for a month, you can do it also.
  3. You can provide wood processing service to your neighbors.
  4. Particularly, you can process the large wood then you can sell them as tiny firewood pieces.
  5. You can buy used firewood processors then you can resell them to specific customers.

Prefer me the best firewood processor for 10k-15k

$10K – $15k is a huge budget to buy a firewood processor or log splitter. These high-priced machines come with a better warranty, workability, long last, worthy to buy, and lots of benefits. 

Particularly, I know a wood processor whose budget is under 10K – 15k and works superbly. That characteristic firewood processor name is HUDSON WOLVERINE A FIREWOOD PROCESSOR

Approximately, it will cost you almost $12k. Alternatively, you can choose all 5 processor machines on this list because these are the best firewood processors for the money.


Is a firewood processor worthy?

Of course, the firewood processor contains enough worthiness to buy. Namely, you have 100 pieces of wood and you have to process them, now think to yourself how much time and effort it will require. 

Obviously, It is very time consuming and laborious. If you have a firewood processor, splitting 100 planks of wood will take only 1 hour. Therefore, you can save your time and effort with it; this is why it’s very worthy.

Does a firewood processor require large space?

Not really, the firewood processor comes in different types and various sizes. If you don’t have large space in your garden for keeping an average size firewood processor, you can purchase small size firewood processors too.

Why is the firewood processor machine so costly?

Firewood processing machine materials, blade, functionality, and parts are pretty heavy and structured with highly professional designers. These are the reasons, it is costly to buy.

Is using a firewood processor dangerous?

Using a firewood processor isn’t so dangerous, but you have to be careful while using it. Experts told me, if accidentally your hand comes in the middle between blade and wood, it will be cut off. Also, sometimes woods could be a blast and blow all over you and it can hurt you badly.

What is the cord king firewood processor price?

Cord king firewood processor is very renowned, prevalent, and one of the trustworthy brands for purchasing. Cord king firewood processor price is $100 to $170 on average.

Final verdict

So, we are at the finishing line and I hope you really enjoyed this best firewood processor for the money article. I know there are lots of firewood processors for sale, but I select those machines which will be worthwhile for you. 

The ultimate buying guide will tell you what to avoid and what to consider; other specific answers will help you to gain maximum knowledge about wood splitter machines and firewood processors. 

In conclusion, thank you so much for helping us with reading this article, and don’t forget to support us via the homedegarden website.

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