Top 10 Best high lift mower blades reviews (Buying guide)

Best mower blades

Choosing the entitlement and appropriate mower blade for your lawn mowers is very crucial. 

While mowing the garden over and over, there have many chances for the blade to dull. 

The one & only basic truth about the lawnmower blade, it lasts for 200 hours to 400 hours of use. Some of the blades require sharpening and some of the most blades get totally unusable after 200-400 hours of use. 

As a result, you have to keep backup blades for your lawnmower or you have to replace the old blade with a new blade. For instance, you can choose different kinds of blades, but lifting blades will be more noteworthy and precise than others. 

As for, I select a few persistent, premium quality, and best high lift mower blades for you, have a look below.

10 Best high lift mower blades reviews

In truth, it wasn’t so easy to find out some influential and sinewy blades for your necessary lawnmower. The gardening mower comes with diverse designs and disparate shapes. 

I know some blades won’t suit and work with your garden mower, but don’t worry. Because I assembled the 10 best blades, and these blades are acceptable, apposite, relevant, and applicable in any type of lawnmower. 

I hope you’ll find these Best blades reviews beneficial and worthwhile.

MTD Genuine Parts high lift mower blades

MTD mower blades

The top and number one blade in this list is MTD 490-110-M116. MTD branded blades are very reliable and made of authentic steel materials. 

You can apply these lift blades in the 1997-presents of any 46″ lawn and garden tractors models. 

Particularly, it works superbly with MTD, Yard-Man Troy-Bilt, Huskee, Yard Machines, and Bolens. It is available in 3 packages such as 1 pack, 3 packs, and 4 packs. 

In the MTD genuine blade single package, you will get 3 separate blades. Either your mower supports 2 blades or 3 blades; you can install these as your requirement. Conveniently, this package will provide you a bag and side discharge also.


  • Installing process is straightforward
  • MTD provide multiple blades
  • These blades support any kinds of modern mower’s
  • Free bag and side discharge available with it


  • Price is little considerable

EGO Power Lawn Mower High Lifting Blade (AB2101 21-Inch)

Mower high lift blade

If you’re looking for any trendiest and exceptional lift-type blade for your lawnmower, then you should consider the EGO power AB2101 mowing blade. 

After applying this blade, blades will enhance the bagging efficiency for Lawnmower and Ego power machines. This blade is specially designed so you can use it while bagging clippings with your lawn grass cutter. 

Remember, you can’t use this blade with the mulching plug. Persistence and a sharper steel blade will deliver an efficient fresh-cut, smooth lawn, and it will improve your lawn health.


  • Price is budget-friendly
  • Applicable with several types of lawnmower
  • Easy to install and replace


  • Isn’t suitable with the mulching plug

MTD Genuine Parts 46-Inch High-Lift Blades Set (490-110-M110)

Best high lift mower blades

MTD 490-110-M110 high lift cutter set is the best commercial mowing blade. If you have any modern-day garden tractor (2010-present), then this mower-type blade set will be preferable for you. 

It is specially designed for Troy-Bilt, MTD, Yard Machines, Yard-Man, Huskee, and Bolens. Or if you have 942-04290, 742-04290 mower model number, you can replace their blade with MTD mower blade. 

Uniquely, it has a star center hole mounted right in the middle, so you can set it up comfortably and accurately. One bag and side discharge will be handed to you freely with it.


  • Twin Blades are usable while replacing
  • MTD blade is befitting in every 46” garden mower
  • Center star mount helps easy installation


  • Price is average

Husqvarna 532405380 Blade

Husqvarna mower blade

Literally, there is no doubt that Husqvarna blades and machines are the most trusted and credible objects. Husqvarna 532405380 Blade is a powerful blade, which is a little notched mower types blade. 

This blade’s overall blade measure is 23-inches in length, 2.75-inches in width, and 0.150 inches thick. You can apply this blade to every 46″ cut mower. 

Opportunely, it will improve the directing of clippings while mowing the garden grass.


  • Husqvarna blades come with an incredible right blade measures
  • No assembly requires
  • The brand is pretty reliable and durable


  • You have to buy multiple blades separately

8TEN LawnRAZOR Center Mow Blade (For 46” mowers)

Center Mower Blade

Are you looking for a designable and colorful mow blade? Then have a look at the 8TEN LawnRAZOR Center Mow Blade, because it’s a light green color with high blades. 

This blade whole length is about 14.7-inches and has enough thickness to cut the tall and compact grass precisely and effortlessly. You can replace any low lift mower blades with it and apply this new blade to several mower machines.


  • Applicable and suitable with various designed mower’s
  • It’s colorful, unique, and looks elegant
  • Price is inexpensive and affordable


  • Length is a bit smaller than the others.

Husqvarna High Lift three Blades

High Lift Replacement Blade

Craftsman, Poulan, Husqvarna Blades are exceedingly brawny and formidable. Particularly, these Husqvarna high lift replacement blades are specially designed to use as replacement blades. 

It is applicable in the 187254, 187256, 532187254, and 532187256 model blades. 

Husqvarna blades is a 3 blades package and it is available in 2 types including the original version and limited edition. 

These blades’ total measurement is 18.5-inches in length, 2.5-inches in width, and 0.204-inches in thickness. It’s a super tough and sharp blade that has enough ability to cut down any grass debris.


  • Usable as a replacement blades with particular shape
  • Multiple types are available to choose
  • Easy to install and set up


  • These blades are for large lawnmower

Maxpower 561139B Heavy Duty 3-Blade Set

heavy duty mower blade

Concerning the highest quality blade set, you won’t find ameliorate blade-like max power 561139B heavy duty blade. In fact, experts always recommend it as the super lawn blades. 

This blade is appropriate with Exmark models CT, Laser Z, Front Runner, Laser HP, Laser Z E, Laser Z S, Laser Z X, and more. 

Max mower is a USA-based manufacturer blade and its manufacture assures premium quality material. Red color maxpower heavy-duty blade total demission is 20.5-inches length, 2.5-inches width, and it has 15/16-size center hole.


  • It supports numerous grass cutters
  • Maxpower provides the best value to their customer
  • These blades have a unique color


  • Price is a bit expensive

Poulan High Lift Lawn Blade (42-Inch)

Poulan High Lift Lawn Mower Blade

Poulan PP24004 mower lawn blade is one of the best mowing blades because not only it supports all kinds of 42-inches mowers, but also it improves the garden mowing experience. 

In fact, you can fit these blades in the 42 inches tractor decks. Poulan blade is a 2 pack package and its overall measurement is 23-inches in length, 3-inches in width, and 1-inch in diameter. 

In my consideration, this blade might be costly but you will get a smoother and straightforward cut with it.


  • One of the best mow blades with air flow
  • It comes with a high width and durable material
  • Dual durable blades in the package
  • Fixable with every 42-inches mower 


  • It isn’t a cheap mow blade

Toro 115-9650-03 Blade

Toro high lift mower blade

Do you have any Toro branded lawnmowers or Toro grass cutters? Then have a look at the best lift blades for Toro, Toro 115-9650-03. 

With the most demanding and admirable features, it will provide you superb shiny lawn cut.


  • Best for Toro grass cutter machine
  • Replaceable and easily re-fixable
  • It isn’t a costly blade either
  • Precise the lawn immediately


  • In the package, there has only one blade

John Deere Original Mower Blade Kit

John Deere Original Mower Blade

Here is John Deere’s blade, which is also known as the best lawn blade for thick grass. It’s a 3 blades kit package and both blades’ measurement is 19-inches in length x 5.2-inches in width. 

Conveniently, you can apply the John Deere GY2085 blade to whatever mower you want.


  • Convenient to set up
  • Sheerness & do heavy duty mowing
  • Assures superior cutting performance
  • Best value for the money


  • None

What is a high lift lawn mower blade?

A high lift lawnmower blade is a specially structured blade that has deeper curves. Deeper curves ensure higher airflow that prevents clogging and jamming while mowing the garden and while cutting wet and long grass. 

Its extraordinary design has large wind wings that help the blade to get more efficient airflow during mowing the grass. So, I hope you understood now what a high lift lawnmower blade is.

After cutting the grasses you will require to blow them, that’s why read how to start a Stihl leaf blower

How does a high lift blades work?

A lift-type blade doesn’t work like ordinary lawnmower blades. It’s a totally different and distinctive blade construction; you can mow or size the grass smoothly with it. 

You might be questioning how a USA mower blades works exactly, right? The lawnmower high lift blower airflow system is pretty efficient and that’s why it increases the air pressure, so grass can’t clog in the blades or machine interior. 

This individual blade can cut the grass precisely and gently. If your blade has enough sharpness then you can mow for over 20 hours periodically.

What is a lawnmower?

The lawnmower is a certain grass-cutting vehicle or machine, which can resize your garden grass appropriately. A lawnmower machine cuts the grass with a superior-designed blade. 

This machine runs on gas, battery, and electricity. The lawnmower has lots of specs and every single one has a prevalent identity. 

It doesn’t matter how large a garden you have: 2acrs, 3acrs, 4acrs, 5acrs, or even more; you can cut all the short plants and grasses with a lawnmower.

How to install high lift mower blades?

Installing high lift mowing blades in the lawnmower machine is pretty straightforward and simple. 

While installing it, you won’t require any installing service, rather you can fix it on your own. 

If you haven’t any knowledge about how to install a mower lawn blade, then let me show you an easy installing method, here’s below;

  1. First of all, remove the spark plug and turn off the fuel valve
  2. Turn the mower in the opposite direction or place it in the side position
  3. Now remove the nut-bolts and pull the blades off from the mower
  4. Clean the area of the blade with soapy water or dry cloths
  5. Bring out the new blades and align them with each other’s (If your mower supports dual blades)
  6. Set up the bolts and washers and tighten them utterly and accurately
  7. Place the mower machine in the normal position (Upright)
  8. It’s time to turn on the fuel valve and reattach the spark plug; that’s it, the installing process is finished now.

Why do you need hi-lift blades?

There are several types of mow blades such as low lift, mulching, high lift, normal blade, and gators. Then why should you use hi-lift blades instead of other mower blades? 

A hi-lift mower blade has premium quality sharp blades, works magnificently in tough condition, has the capability to resize the tiny plants and grass comfortably without getting any jamming. 

These blades are more durable and stable than other ordinary blades. Besides its exceptional features, its worth is very budget-friendly and purchasable.

5 Types of lawn mower blades

Talk about how many types of lawnmower blades are available worldwide, there are 5 types of lawn mow blades available all around you include standard blade (medium lift blade), high-lift blade, low lift blade, Gator blade, and tooth mulcher blade. 

Normally, various experts prefer different types of blades for cutting plants and garden grass. 

These best lifting blades come with elegant sharpness and tremendous workability. Let me tell you about these blades in more detail.

Standard blade

A medium-lift blade (standard blade) is a type of blade that has a horizontally rotated design. It has a slight curve on each end, so it can move the debris and grass sideways easily. 

Also, its slight blend increases air ventilation for cutting the grass separately and verbatim. 

Standard blade curved edges create suction; it can easily resize dense patches of grass, and it is totally suitable for any kind of soil and grass.

High-lift blade

The blade of high lift comes with vertical angles on the edges, and it produces vertical suction while mowing the garden. A blade ensures air circulation and increases the airflow rate. 

Because of its unique blade construction, durability, and airflow system it cuts the plant and grass more unerringly and faultlessly than other blades. 

Overall, you can cut tall grass comfortably, store the leftover grass, and you can finish the mowing perfectly and completely with this type of blade.

Low lift blade

The low lift blade comes with low suction power and it supports only sand type’s soil. 

It doesn’t blow the grass; rather it cut the plants gently and fairly. This kind of blade requires low power, it assures noise-free mowing, usable for a long period.

Gator blade

The gator blade is a multi-purpose blade, you can use it for fertilizing and grass cutting. Its modified ultra-technical blades ensure maximum suction and its curved teeth can move upwards the grass from the soil. 

In fact, it is an environment-friendly blade that is much supportive for fertilizing the whole ground flawlessly.

Mulching blade

The mulching blade is a three in one blade, which is curvier and works efficiently on the grass debris and plants.  From trimming to resizing the grass, all it can do by its inner and outer surface curve blades. 

It enriches the soil adequately with nutrients, so grass can grow effortlessly and your garden can look elegant and shiny.

Things to consider before choosing mower blades (Buying guide)

As a matter of fact, you can’t buy a mower blade without knowing its qualities, features, worthiness, benefits, and suitability. 

Who wants to pay his penny in a substandard high lift mower? Probably, no one wants to pay a single penny in worthless blades. That’s why you have to read the blades’ buying guide. 

Otherwise, you won’t be able to purchase a good one for yourself. Here’s everything you should consider before buying or choosing a mower lawn blade.

Durability & materials

Blade durability depends on its material, which means, more high-quality material blade means more durability. Dense steel and aluminum blades are the most persistent and consistent for mowing the garden. 

Therefore, try to choose a high lifting blade that is made of durable steel or aluminum materials.


When it comes to the blade, we always want the blade as sharp as possible. A sharp blade can cut the plant and grass rapidly and conveniently. Consequently, you should look for sharper blades instead of ordinary blades.

Blade types

As I told you before about types of mower blades, perhaps you gained much information about it. Before buying any mower blade you should consider first what types of mower you have and what intentions you want to use it. 

For example, if your mower is mulching type then you have to choose mulching blades for leaves. So, whatever types of mowers you have, it will be better if you choose those types of blades.

Easy installable

We know we aren’t experts or professionals in the mower blade setting. As for this, we should choose a blade that confirms easy installation. 

Complicated functional blades are quite tough to install or set up in the mower machine, that’s why you have to find easily installable blades.


According to sources and proverbs, a renowned brand can promise trustworthy products. There is a myriad top brand that provides several types of high-lift blades. You should purchase branded blades rather than normal blades. 

In this case, you can try Husqvarna factory sharpened steel blade, toro blades, cub cadet blades, and Oregon blades. These are very spectacular and top-rated brands for mower machine blades.

Deck size & blade measure

Blade measure and the deck size are also crucial to consider before buying. 16-inches to 30-inches blades are pretty tremendous and befitting for any lawnmower. Blade length should be 20-22-inches and width should be 2.5-3.5-inches.

Cost or price

Best high lift Lawnmower blades aren’t so costly or expensive to buy. On average, you can buy a single high lift mower for $15 and a mow-blade set could cost you $25 to $40 only.

How do we select our top products?

We do a couple of specific research and take suggestions from the very top-level experts on that product. 

While selecting the top products we never neglect the features, benefits, perfectness, suitability, durability, and values of those products. 

Like other products, we did numerous considerations and examinations on high lawn blades, that’s why you got some top-rated mower blades listed in this homedegarden article.

High lift mower blades vs mulching blades

Talk about the high lift mower blades vs mulching, people always argue about which one is best for the garden. Let me clarify this thing for you, so you can understand thoroughly;

  • The mulching blade has multiple curved surfaces than high lift type mower blades
  • High lift type blade ensure highest air flowing rate than mulching
  • Mulching is best for cutting grass debris, but a high blade is best for cutting tall grass
  • Mulching blades enrich the soil adequately with nutrients whereas lift blade don’ts
  • Lift blades affordable to buy than mulching blades
  • High lift blades last more than mulching blades

Overall, after finding the differences between these two blades, I think you should go for high lift type mower blades.

High lift mower blades vs regular blades

Normally, we use regular blades in our mowers for daily garden mowing. The majority of people think everyone should use high lift regular mower blades while mowing, they also think we should stop using regular blades. 

So, let me make 6 differences of high lift mower blades vs regular blades, which one is perfect for us.

  • Regular blades face trouble while cutting the large grass and healthier plant, whether lift blades cut them more efficiently.
  • Lift blades are a bit costly rather than regular blades
  • The regular blade isn’t durable like high lifting type blades
  • Both blades are easy to install and set up
  • High blades cut the grass rapidly than regular blades
  • Regular blades don’t last long but this blade can do


Are High Lift mower blades better?

Of course, high lift type blades are better than any other blades. High lift type blades can work superbly, cut the grass efficiently, can cut large and tough tiny plants, last longer, increase airflow, prevent dullness, and ensure lots of advantages. 

I think these reasons and points are enough to know if these blades are better or not.

How long does a high lift mow-blade last?

A high lifting type blade is used for more than 200 hours to 400 hours. In other words, the high lifts can last up to 40 – 50 days (If you use them regularly). Or if you don’t use the blades regularly then it could last for 3 to 5 months approximately.

Are high lift mower blades worthy to buy?

In my opinion, high-lift blades are more worthy to buy than others. For example, if you buy an ordinary quality blade you have to replace it after every 2-5 cuts. But if you choose a high lift type lawn blade then you can use it with 30 -50 cuts. 

This means you can save enough money by mow-type blades. Above all, high lift replacing blades worthy to buy,

Can you use high lift blades for mulching?

The mulching blade and high lift cutter both have a curving surface, both ensure precise grass cutting, and both promise grass clippings from under the deck. Therefore, you can use high lift cutters for mulching.

Which mower blade is the best?

Mow blades have different types and dissimilar shapes. In reality, there are myriad mow blades all around you, but few of them are capable of calling the best mower blades. Here is the top mower blades recommendation for you;

  1. Oregon super blades
  2. Notched blades
  3. Toro blade
  4. Gator blade
  5. Honda Lawn blades
  6. Rotary brand blades
  7. Copperhead high lift blades

What is the difference between a high lift blade and a mulching blade?

The mulching blade and lift blade don’t have lots of differences to tell. But I can tell you some specific differences between these two specific blades. 

First of all, mulching doesn’t assure a higher airflow rate than a lifting blade. Mulching blades are a bit more costly than lifting blades. 

A higher lift blade is supportive with every kind of mower, but a mulching blade supports only a mulching mower.

Final words

It’s time to close the chapter on the best high law blade post. On our homedegarden website, we always try to provide as authentic information as possible. 

Actually, while writing an article we never neglect or avoid any single information whatever we have. 

So, I hope you really enjoyed this best mower blades article, and if you still want my recommendation on these 10 blades individually, then you can choose. Choose MTD high lift mower blades or Husqvarna 532405380 High Lift Blade. 

Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget to support us, because we do lots of hard work for you.

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