Different pieces of cloth sewn together in easy (7 steps)

different pieces of cloth sewn together

While making a cloth extensive or expanded the cloth size; there has no alternative except doing different pieces of cloth sewn together

This process is known as patchwork but simply it’s been using nowadays as a fashionable trend

Verities of fashion organizations and committees already started the examination of every type of fabric. 

Already they bring several types of multi colorful and multi-fabric-enabled clothes. Today we will talk about myriad issues on this topic and I will try to clarify your basic issues about it.


What are the different pieces of cloth sewn together called?

In tailor’s words, different pieces of cloth sewn together called patchwork. Actually, for increasing the clothes or make it more elegant and unique, people do this. 

For example, ordinarily, you can get one fabric shirt, Skirt, dress, and more. But it seems too exceptional when you add another color of the cloth and sewn two several color fabric in one cloth. 

You might have seen different colorful cloth in Hoody, Shirts, Girl’s tops, pants, and more. This is one of the astonishing ideas from designers, and they keep this inconceivable sewing technique to the patchwork.

How I can sew cloth together?

Literally, you can sew cloth together in a different angle and various ways. You don’t have to be an expert in sewing, but you have to be more careful while choosing different pieces of cloth. 

Sometimes you can choose the same fabric but dissimilar colors for sewing them all together. For other purposes, you can take two different fabrics for sewing them. 

In this case, you can have two options, sewing with hand and sewing with the machine. Whatever method you choose, but different pieces of clothing sewn together process are pretty similar and comfier. 

Let me help you to gain the whole process in simple steps.

  1. First of all, take your chosen two pieces of cloth and keep them side by side.
  2. Think a measure about what purpose you want to sew them together.
  3. Cut them with smooth and aligned properly, because misaligned will create trouble while sewing
  4. Adjust them together, try to pin them for secureness
  5. Now put the front parts at the machine and pierce it with a needle (You can do it by your hand)
  6. Complete the sewing process
  7. Cut the over threads from both sides, that’s it.

Which type’s clothes are suitable for sewn different pieces of cloth?

In truth, nowadays you can see different pieces of cloth sewing in various clothes. It became a major fashion and its demands are increasing day by day. 

If you ever watch or joined any fashion shows you could see these types of clothes. 

But if I talk more specifically about which types of clothes are suitable for sewn different pieces of cloth those will be;

  • Boys & girls Hoody
  • Boy’s shirts
  • Sports gear
  • Shawls and wraps
  • Swacket
  • Sweater
  • Sweatshirt
  • Pajamas
  • Skirts
  • Tops and more

Watch out the best ever cloth sewing hacks video below;

cloth sewing hacks

How much it will cost for sewing different cloth together?

Certainly, talk about how much will cost you for two pieces of fabric sewn together, it all depends on you. Either you want to sew it on your own or you want to sew it by a professional tailor

Own sewing cost

If you want to sew it by yourself then you will require two fabric parts, yarn, and one needle. This equipment and accessories will not cost you more than $50 bucks approximately. It could cost you higher if you want to sew expensive fabric. 

Sewing by tailor

On the other hand, for sewing it by tailor you have to pay tailor wages besides material. Overall, it could cost you $60-$80 bucks approximately.

Final verdict

Basically, I tried to clarify simply about different pieces of cloth sewn together and other major issues in this topic. Different pieces of cloth sewed together isn’t a complicated task, you can do it on your own. 

In fact, you can save money on tailor wages because it is one of the straightforward tasks in the clothing section. 

In conclusion, thank you so much for reading my article and spending your precious time. I hope you will support me adequately via the homedegarden website and I will appreciate your time admirably.

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