Clean Blinds in Bathtub

The Ultimate Guide How to Clean Blinds in Bathtub: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Tutorial [April-2023]

Cleaning blinds can be a challenging and time-consuming task, particularly if you have multiple sets to clean. Fortunately, using your bathtub is a simple and efficient method to make the process easier. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through each step of clean blinds in bathtub. This tutorial is suitable for various types of blinds, including Venetian, vertical, and mini blinds. By following these steps, you’ll have your blinds looking like new in no time.

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Step 1: Assess Your Blinds and Gather Materials 

Before you begin, inspect your blinds to determine the best cleaning method. Most blinds can be cleaned in the bathtub, but some materials, such as wooden or fabric blinds, may require specialized cleaning. If you’re unsure, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Next, gather the following materials:

  • A bathtub
  • Mild detergent
  • A soft brush or sponge
  • Clean towels
  • A hairdryer (optional)

Step 2: Remove Your Blinds from the Window 

To remove your blinds, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for detaching them from their brackets. Be gentle to avoid causing damage. Lay the blinds on a clean surface, such as a towel, to protect them from scratches.

Step 3: Fill the Bathtub and Prepare the Cleaning Solution 

Plug the drain of your bathtub and begin filling it with warm water. Add a small amount of mild detergent (about a tablespoon per gallon of water) to the water as it fills. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as these can damage your blinds or cause them to fade.

Step 4: Submerge the Blinds in the Cleaning Solution

Carefully place the blinds into the soapy water, ensuring they are fully submerged. For larger blinds, you may need to fold them accordion-style to fit in the tub. Allow the blinds to soak for at least 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the level of dirt and grime. This soaking time will help loosen any buildup and make the cleaning process more manageable.

Step 5: Scrub the Blinds Thoroughly 

After the blinds have soaked, use a soft brush or sponge to gently scrub each slat. Start at the top and work your way down, being cautious not to bend or damage the slats. Be sure to clean both sides of the slats, the cords, and any other parts of the blinds that may have accumulated dirt. Pay special attention to any particularly dirty or stained areas.

Step 6: Rinse the Blinds and Inspect for Remaining Dirt 

Once you have finished scrubbing the blinds, drain the soapy water from the bathtub. Fill the tub with clean, cool water and carefully rinse the blinds to remove any remaining soap residue. You may need to change the water and rinse multiple times to ensure all soap is removed. Inspect the blinds for any remaining dirt or grime. If necessary, repeat Steps 4 and 5 to address any stubborn stains.

Step 7: Dry the Blinds 

Gently lift the blinds out of the bathtub, allowing excess water to drip off. Lay the blinds on a clean towel and gently pat them dry. To speed up the drying process, you can also use a hairdryer set on the lowest heat setting. Be sure to keep the hairdryer at a safe distance from the blinds to prevent damage. Alternatively, you can hang the blinds outside on a clothesline or lay them flat on a clean surface indoors to air dry.

Step 8: Inspect and Repair Any Damage 

While the blinds are drying, take the opportunity to inspect them for any damage, such as bent or broken slats. If necessary, make any minor repairs or replacements needed to ensure your blinds are in optimal condition. If you encounter significant damage or are unsure how to make repairs, consult the manufacturer or a professional for assistance.

Step 9: Rehang the Blinds 

Once the blinds are completely dry and any necessary repairs have been made, carefully reattach them to their brackets and reinstall them on your windows. Ensure that all parts are correctly connected and functioning smoothly.

Step 10: Maintain Your Blinds 

To keep your blinds looking their best and prolong the time between deep cleanings, be sure to maintain them regularly. Dust your blinds at least once a week using a microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. Spot clean any stains or spills as they occur with a damp cloth and mild detergent. By maintaining your blinds, you can prevent the buildup of dirt and grime, making future cleanings easier and more efficient.

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Clean Blinds in Bathtub

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Cleaning your blinds in the bathtub is an effective and efficient way to remove dirt, dust, and grime from various types of blinds. By following the comprehensive steps outlined in this guide, you can have your blinds looking like new in no time. Remember, regular maintenance is crucial to keep your blinds in optimal condition and prolong their lifespan.

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