How to make an access panel for bathtub without plumber service?

how to make an access panel for bathtub

Do you know how many people use bathtubs and how many of them face unfortunate systematic issues?

Nearly 69% of worldwide and 100% of Americans uses bathtub for showering and 80% of them face bathtub systematic issues.

They face issues because either they have no access to bathtub plumbing or they haven’t any alternative drainage system.

One access panel can decrease your bathtub’s 95% problems and making an plumbing access panel is pretty straightforward. In this post, you will learn how to make an access panel for a bathtub without having a plumber service.

What is a bathtub access panel?

Before you start making an access panel, you should know what a bathtub access panel is. Access panel means a doorway or gateway, and bathtub access panel means a portal that is easily removable.

Actually, it is for connecting the bathtub with the drainpipe, shut-off valve, and comfier plumbing purposes. In short words, an access panel door or hole for the bathtub increases the bathtub drainage system efficiency.

How to make an access panel for a bathtub in 6 easy steps?

Indeed, I’m not going to explore the access panel making the process complicated; rather, I’ll tell the whole method in simple steps and easy ways.

From crucial accessories suggestions to finalize the bathtub access panel, all the steps you will learn adequately and simply. Therefore, stay tuned and try to obtain the whole method before you apply.

Get the crucial accessories first

Well, I was told you that you won’t require any professional plumber, but you have to gather some needy kits and accessories for completing and installing the access panel for the bathtub. Here is some stuff that should be near at your hand;

  • Wood piece
  • Woodcutter
  • Inch-tape (For measure)
  • Hammer
  • Tape (Glue tape)
  • Screw
  • Pin or glue
  • A large tile
  • Scale
  • Grout

Take the bathtub and area measure

After collecting the kits and accessories, take the scale and inch tape for measuring the bathtub and bathtub area.

Measure the bathroom floor & bathtub front’s length, width, and height; then take a pencil and write the measurement into a diary or paper.

Don’t forget to measure the bathtub’s outer down space and make sure you took enough measure from drainpipe to front floor. If you have 2 person bathtubs, then your bathtub dimension will increase downright.

Set up the bathtub panel

bathtub panel

It’s time to point out the whole measure and area for where you have to keep space, access panel, and the wooden frame. Without setting up the panel area you can’t install any bathtub plumbing access panel.

So, how do you make an access panel for a bathtub? Before you set up the wooden frame or cover it with tiles check out the drain issues, systems, space, leakages, and pipes (Check the overall parts).

Make/install the wood framework

bathtub wood frame

Have a look at the image carefully and try to gain the structure of the diy wood framework. Conveniently, this is the most easiest and unpretentious bathtub frame design.

Not only it will be an incredible configuration for the access panel, but also you can clean the bathtub exterior (Specially metal and floor edges) pretty effortlessly.

I think you know how to make a bathtub wood framework. If not then don’t worry here’s a remarkable method for a diy wood bathtub frame (diy frame). Now caulk and pin the frame with the bathtub carefully and completely.

Cover the framework by tile

Cover the bathtub by tile

It’s time to use a big tile for covering the framework. I know most of you are thinking about how to build a tub access panel by tile because you want to get a waterproof access panel.

Tile is the only option for a waterproof shower access panel. For example, if you don’t cover the framework with tiles, the wood frame will rot quickly.

Therefore, arrange a big tile and resize (cut/trim by proper inch) it as your bathtub dimension. Wait; don’t cover the access panel side because we have some more work to do.

Make a lid for the access panel

Access panel lid

Whenever you covered the whole section with tiles without the main access panel area, you have to make a lid. So, you can easily open the panel whenever you need access for clean, fix, or plumbing.

You can make a 10×16” (Height x width) size door for the lid. Now install the lid at the right place (trace the right location) and recheck the lid location by open and close it.

Notably, if you need large access panel space for installing then try 20×24” (height x width) sizes lid. That’s it; this is how to make an access panel for your house bathtub. Have a look at the whole access panel making process in a video;

How to build bath access panel

Top 8 Tub access panel ideas (Prevalent and Worthy)

Do you know how many tub access panel ideas are recently counted? Over 13 types of bathtub access panel ideas are available worldwide. Tile access panels and wooden access panels are the most popular ideas nowadays. But now people are using more unique and cost-free ideas.

I’m not sure that other ideas could be more productive than tile and wooden access panels, but these top 8 ideas can save your enough money. In fact, these ideas are applicable to the shower access panel ideas. Here they are;

  1. Magnetic access panel
  2. Wooden access panel
  3. Removable Wood Wall Access Panels
  4. Tile access panel
  5. Drywall tub access panel
  6. Hidden drywall panel
  7. Metal access panel
  8. Plastic access panel

What is the best bathroom access panels?

There have numerous types of bathroom access panels, you have already read about them in the access panel ideas section. Basically, every single access panel has a specific identity, advantage, and configuration.

Not every access panel is callable as the best. Rather, in my opinion, the best bathroom access panel is the magnetic access panel. It doesn’t matter what types of material you’re using while making a bathtub access panel.

The matter of fact is what types of access panel door you have installed. The magnetic access panel is very beneficial for plumbing, cleaning, fixing, draining, closing, and opening.

How much will cost for making an access panel for the bathtub?

This post is all about how to make a tub access panel without having a professional plumber advice or service. If you don’t want to complete this task on your own then definitely you will require a plumber advice or any plumbing service or repair.

For making an access panel your plumber’s cost could be $500 to $600. If you’re committing to finding any cheap plumber it could cost you a maximum of $400. Take your decision on what you are going to do with your tub access panel.

Related FAQs

Can I get an access panel inside the shower?

Of course, you can get an access panel inside the shower; it will help you to get access to the Jacuzzi pump effortlessly. Also, you can fix any types of issues conveniently which is related to your shower. Therefore, you can get an access panel inside your shower.

Why tub need a plumbing access panel?

You want to install a tub, then you must need a plumbing access panel. Without drywall, making the wall hole, and making a plumbing access panel you can’t create or install a water drainage system.

A proper drainage system can save your floor, drain, valve, lines, framing, wall hole, outline (Outter lines), tub edges, walls, and the whole house.

Do you need an access panel for a shower?

Generally, not every shower or bathroom needs an access panel. However, if you realize that your shower could face a leakage issue or damage the walls, you will need plumbing service in the future then assuredly you will need an access panel for the shower.

What can I use to cover my bathtub?

Covering the bathtubs is really important because without a cover insects and dirt could enter the water. Which could be very harmful to our skin and as well as for our health.

For instance, you can use bathtub linear (Outline & inline), tape (thick tape), bathtub sheets, PVC (plastic cover) or acrylic plastic paper, bathtub shade, framing, and stick sheet.

What place would be right for install a access panel?

Besides bathroom place , you would explore or install a access panel at the kitchen place projects such as wall, hole, site, and sink back.

If you don’t want any installed access panel in the bathroom then you need to get a right size panel projects for your kitchen. Kitchen back place size are pretty adhesive for cutting acess panel.

How do you cut a plumbing access panel?

As you know that there has numbers of plumbing access panels are available and they are unmatchable with each other.

Before you start cutting a plumbing access panel know first which types of material you have. The best way to cut or trim any kind of plumbing access panel is drywall saw.

Final words

Bathtub access panels increase lots of benefits; literally, access panels make the plumbing process effortless and straightforward. YouTube video, images, and the whole content are enough to tell you how to make an access panel for the bathtub.

I hope, this @homedegarden website menu post will help you to gain maximum information about the access panel and you can make it on your own (Don’t forget to search recent site post and comment).

Not only you can save enough money from avoiding plumbing services or advice, but also you will learn additional adhesive plumbing facts.

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