How to start a leaf blower (Gas, echo, Stihl guide)

how to start a leaf blower

When you have a large garden it’s extremely tough to clean the leaves from there. Cleaning the leaves with your hand could take your whole day and effort. As for your convenience, a leaf blower can do this in less than hours.

Unfortunately, most of the time beginners face trouble starting the leaf blower because they haven’t proper guidance. That’s why here is a guide on how to start a leaf blower.

Particularly, leaf blowers run by different elements like gas, gasoline, fuel, and more. That’s why there have different kinds of leaf blowers such as Gas, the Echo, Stihl, and electric blower.

I’m going to clarify every single leaf blower starting method in here.


How to start a leaf blower in 4 easy steps?

Some well-known like a Gas leaf blower, Stihl leaf blower, electric leaf blower, Echo leaf blower, and more. These four are remarkable and the most demanded leaf blower to buy.

Because these have some differences; that means starting them has also dissimilarities. For this reason, I will clarify how to start the blower specifically.

I will separate every single leaf blower starting method for your convenient understanding. But for now, have a look at the basic points you should follow while leaf blower starting.

Step 1:

Obtain first, what types of leaf blower you have. After that, take gas for a gas leaf blower, oil, fuel, gasoline, and whatever things you will require. Now fill the leaf blower tank with that required object. Before adding oil, fuel, gasoline make sure the tank hasn’t any old oil.

Step 2:

After tightening the cap of the tank, wear your safety gear. Like safety boots, safety eye-glass, dirt protector suits, and hand gloves. If you don’t wear them up leaves and dirt could enter your body parts.

Step 3:

Press the switch on button before pulling the recoil. Now pull the recoil for 2-4 times to start. If it doesn’t start then pull it for 6-8 times.

Sometime recoil got jammed or doesn’t work. In this case, you can use the manual switch on-off button to start it.

Step 4 and final:

Now your leaf blower is ready to depart. But numerous times it doesn’t start for various reasons. As for this matter, I hint at some points so you can understand why your leaf blower won’t start. Scroll down you will find it below. Fell free? Then read, how to use a blower.

How to start a gas leaf blower?

Basically, a gas leaf blower runs by gas & oil for a two-cycle engine. Because of its multiple functionalities, people think it’s pretty tough to start. If you follow these steps properly assuredly you can commence the gas leaf blower effortlessly.

Mix the two-cycle oil and gas properly or else shake it up.

In this case, take 2 and 1/2 ounces of two-cycle oil instead of 50:1 gallons of gas.

Take out the old gas from the tank and fill the leaf blower gas tank with a new oil and gas mixture.

Remember, if your blower comes with a four-cycle engine, use direct gas and fill the tank.

For safety purposes, use hand gloves, sun-glass, boot.

You can use it with a cold start or warm start; cold start means slow blowing and warm means high blowing limit.

Now switch on the blower and press the purge valve for 5-6 times.

Pull the recoil twice and it will be start

How to start an electric leaf blower?

Either using or starting an electric leaf blower; it’s pretty easy and simple. The reason is; you don’t need to fill any fuel, gas, oil. Literally, their processes are quite straightforward. Here is how to start an electric leaf blower.

  1. First of all, wear safety gear first before you start an electric leaf blowing machine
  2. Take a long wire able multi-plug or electric connector
  3. Connect your electric leaf blower and switch on the electricity power
  4. Because of fewer functions, you can start it easily
  5. Now turn on the switch button
  6. Now your electric leaf blower is ready to use

How to start an echo leaf blower?

Don’t know how to start an echo blower; not a problem. The echo leaf blower is a little bit similar to other leaf blowers. The main difference is it takes gasoline to run. The echo leaf blower is magnificent and worldwide usable. The starting process is very uncomplicated and smooth.

  • Fill the echo leaf blower tank with the finest gasoline
  • Tight the tank cape securely
  • Provide some pump in the primer bowl
  • Gasoline will come out chock and then on the chock
  • Now pull the trigger up for 2-4 times
  • If it doesn’t start; then try to pull it for 6-7 times

Therefore, I hope you managed to obtain how to start an echo leaf blower.

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How to start Stihl types leaf blower?

Well, Stihl is one of the trustworthy and magnificent leaf blowers. In truth, I love this one because it’s very easy to use and works efficiently.

I have a massive article about how to start a Stihl backpack blower and also how to start a Stihl leaf blower. It will be better and more informational if you read from there.

How to fix a leaf blower that won’t start exactly?

The countless time people complain about leaf blowers won’t start what to do? Leaf blower stops their work for several reasons.

10 Reasons leaf blower won’t starts

You might face trouble with your leaf blower several times. Did you ever try to know what are the reasons that your leaf blower won’t start? If you haven’t any specific idea about It then here are 10 reasons leaf blower won’t start;

  1. Using old fuel or gasoline
  2. Because of Clogged carburetor
  3. Fuel filter got clogged
  4. Unusual oil and gas mixture
  5. When plug got the spark
  6. Dirty air filter
  7. Using without primer pumped
  8. Getting spark arrestor clogged
  9. Rewind spring has broken
  10. When pulling recoil jammed

6 ways to fix a leaf blower that won’t start

Normally, the leaf blower won’t start because of technical issues or other machinery problems. In this case, you don’t have to hire a professional because here’s a phenomenal leaf blowing machine fixing method for the leaf blower that won’t start.

  1. Remove the old fuel from the tank and fill up with new fuel
  2. Clean up the contributor, air filter, fuel filter, and spark arrestor
  3. Know the suitableness and then use proper oil and gas mixture
  4. Use the primer pumped while starting leaf blower
  5. Check the rewind spring and fix it (if require)
  6. If your pulling recoil got jammed then fix it

Final thoughts

As we know, the leaf blower is a tremendous, elegant, and worthy invention. It reduces work time and makes it easy to clean our garden incredibly.

It’s very sad and depressing when you have a blowing machine, but you don’t know how to start it. Because of invention increases daily, several types of leaf blowers came into the market.

For this reason, I also clarify about How to start an electric leaf blower, how to start an echo leaf blowing machine? Also, I clarify how to start a gas leaf blower. Even what is the reason your blower won’t start and how to fix it?

I hope you enjoyed this pretty informative leaf blower article. Overall, thank you so much for reading out my articles and keep supporting me.

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