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how to start a Stihl leaf blower

Blow up the leaf with a leaf blower is a very interesting and amusing work. But most people face problems when their Stihl leaf blower won’t start. Or they don’t know exactly how to start a Stihl leaf blower like a professional?

It seems wired, unsatisfied when you can’t do enjoyable, hilarious things.

Don’t get panic because I have 7 easy steps to start a leaf blower. I’m 1000% sure that you will be a mind-blowing leaf blower professional after reading these steps.

How to start a Stihl leaf blower in 7 easy steps

People say starting a Stihl leaf blower for a beginner is a little bit tough. In my consideration, starting a leaf blower is easy but you have to follow my steps properly. It doesn’t matter you have a Stihl bg 50 or Stihl bg55 won’t start. You can apply these steps to every single Stihl leaf blower.

1. Fill the fuel in the blower

The majority number of Stihl leaf blower runs with fuel. That’s why before you start and use a Stihl leaf blower make sure your blower has enough fuel to use. If your blower has already fuel then give a final check; is it full or not.

2. Take your Stihl leaf blower far away from fuel gallon

It’s a warning for you; don’t ever start your leaf blower near of fuel gallon. Basically, leaf blower delivers air but their air comes with carbon. That’s the reason you have to keep your Stihl leaf blower far away from your fuel gallon.

3. Wear gloves, sun-glass, and boots (For Protection)

When you start your leaf blower, not only leaves will blow also dirt, dust, other objects will blow. Particularly, it’s massively important to protect yourself from these kinds of harmful things. As for your safeguard, you must wear minimum gloves, sun-glass, and boots.

For more protection, you can wear a dust guard suit and make yourself ready to blow the leaves.

4. Hold the blower

Without holding the Stihl leaf blower vigorously and mightily you won’t be able to pull the starter handle. If you are a right-handed then hold the blower by your left hand.

5. Keep your foot on the base plate

Before starting a leaf blower you must need to hold it strongly. For instance, the hand doesn’t ensure a strong holding power. That’s why to keep your foot on the base plate properly so it couldn’t be a slip.

6. Pull the starter handle

Indeed, the Stihl leaf blower or other ordinary leaf blower comes with a pulling starter handle. Therefore, after holding the leaf blower correctly; pull the starter. If it doesn’t start then pull the handle 2-4 times.

7. Press the Manual on/off button (If the handle doesn’t work)

Pressing the manual on/off button is an alternative process if pulling start doesn’t work. Find out the manual on-off button on your Stihl leaf blower. If pulling the handle doesn’t work then switch on the blower with the manual button. So, now you and your blower are all set. Actually, this is how to start this blower adequately. Have a look at the video below about how to start it;

how to start Stihl leaf blower

What to do if Stihl backpack blower won’t start?

I heard a lot from people about Stihl backpack blower won’t start, Stihl bg 86 problems. Also, why is the Stihl leaf blower not running full speed?

In reason, they start stihl blower repair manual, Stihl blower troubleshooting but they didn’t find the exact information. Here what to do if Stihl backpack blower won’t start or leaf blower won’t start.

  • Take out the old fuel and try to fill up new fuel
  • You can us stabilizer for keeping your fuel ameliorate
  • Clean the carburetor with carburetor clear and eliminating the clog
  • You can add a new carburetor in your blower (If required)
  • If your rewind spring is broken then change it
  • Check the malfunctioning recoil starter and try to change it (If it stuck or broke)
  • Remove the clogs from spark arrestor
  • Clean your leaf blower air filter
  • Clean the engine if possible
  • Also, check the Flywheel key; is it broken or not then fix it

Which Stihl leaf blower is the best?

Stihl is a remarkable and well-known leaf blower brand. They launched already 12-15 types of leaf blowers. Every single leaf blower works significantly and efficiently. Hopefully, all are going to be worthwhile for you. Here are 7 best Stihl leaf blowers to buy;

  • Stihl leaf blower bg 86
  • The Stihl bg55 manual
  • Stihl BR 420 leaf blower
  • The Stihl bg 50 leaf blower
  • Stihl SHE 71
  • The Stihl SH56 CE
  • Stihl BGA 45

How much is a Stihl leaf blower?

Well, Stihl leaf blower comes with various designs and both have their specific price. Precisely, in an average Stihl leaf blower price may cost you 90-300 bucks. A more featured blower will cost you more. Now you have to consider which Stihl leaf blower you want to choose

Final Thoughts

It’s very crucial to know how to start a Stihl leaf blower. Without knowing the easy steps it could be difficult for you. Also, I think I’m able to clarify the leaf blower starting problems.

Assuredly, if you follow and consider those points definitely you can fix Stihl leaf blower problems. One more thing, you can apply the same process on how to start Stihl leaf blower bg 86.

Further, how to start a Stihl blower, how to start a leaf blower, and even how to start a stihl br 420 leaf blowers?

Overall, thank you so much for reading out the whole leaf blower starting method, and don’t forget to read more from homedegarden.

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