How to use less toilet paper (5 Tips & Tricks)

According to the WORLD COUNT report, in 2022 more than 170 million hectares of forest are cut down and 161 million pieces of paper are been produced all over the world.

In 5 months the amount is regretfully high and we don’t know how many hectors will cut down at the end. Toilet paper holds 45% of the paper industry. Can you imagine how much we are responsible for deforestation and paper wasting?

Toilet paper is a daily need but the universal truth is we waste a lot of toilet paper instead of our actual needs. So, how to use less toilet paper and save the trees? It’s a global issue now and we have to fix it.

5 ways how to use less toilet paper

A person takes nearly 335 trees for toilet paper in a year. Can you visualize how much culpable we are for these trees? Well, we can’t stop using toilet paper and save all the trees at a time, but we can reduce the use of amount.

If you utilize other substances or apply tricks & methods, we can save a minimum of 100 trees yearly. Here are the top 5 tips & tricks of how to reduce toilet paper usage;

Use water first

From kids to adults, everyone is using too much toilet paper to wipe. Wipe requires too much paper because they start using paper until their butt goes clear. My question is why you don’t use water first before applying tissue paper.

It might seem like a revolutionary idea, but from the mid-age, several people are using water to fresh their butts.

I know you agree with me, water can ensure much more freshness than tissue paper. See if you use toilet paper sheets initially you need at least 8 sheets but if you use water first, only two sheets are enough. Therefore, try to apply this efficient trick and let us know does it work or not.

Reusable clothes

When accidentally we found our toilet paper roll finished, generally we use reusable cloths. We always choose this method as a backup option. What will happen when we will make this procedure our first choice? Think positively and wisely, reusable clothes can prevent nearly 50% of our toilet paper usage.

Avoid thin & low quality tissue

The most ludicrous reason for toilet paper wasting is thin & low-quality tissue. Manufacturers are thinning the toilet paper day by day, and as a result, today’s tissue paper can’t fulfill the requirement. This is why you should avoid thin and low-quality tissue brands.

If we estimate correctly, low-thin quality tissue requires 10-12 sheets to wipe cleanly but thick paper requires only 6-8 tissue. In this case, we can save a half amount of tissue.

Wipe & Fold (Repeat)

Remember, when we are on the street and we are trying to wipe our sweat with one tissue paper sheet. We wipe it, fold it, re-wipe it, re-fold it, and we use the tissue as much time as possible. Why can’t we do this while wiping with toilet paper?

How to use toilet paper correctly in the correct way? Actually, it isn’t the correct way rather it’s a bit irritating and revolting. Because we are on a mission to use less toilet paper that’s why we should try this trick to save paper.

Protect paper from kids strictly

Last but not least, genuinely a kid uses unlimited toilet paper than an adult man. If you keep a bunch of toilet paper rolls in a toilet, definitely they will waste more.

Teach them to stop demolishing the toilet tissue and use it as less as possible. If you strictly consider this point I ensure you can save a minimum of 1.4 rolls monthly. Have a look at this video on how to buy less toilet paper;

Less toilet paper use


How to use toilet paper during periods?

During periods you can pad off and wipe gently with toilet paper. But if you’re thinking to avoid using toilet paper, you can use the back part of the used period pad.

Where to throw toilet paper after use?

You shouldn’t throw your toilet paper at the toilet commode it could affect the toilet drainage system. Toilet paper can absorb water and water made them flappy. As a result drainage system faces jamming and other basic problems. Always throw toilet paper tissue in the trash can after use.

Does toilet paper rips while wiping?

Thinner your toilet paper increases the ripping chances while wiping. Maximum people face this issue of toilet paper rips while wiping. The reason behind this is the toilet paper can’t endure the water and soon it starts ripping when it touches more water than its capability.

Final verdict

Indeed, toilet paper is our daily need and surely we will fulfill our needs. But we have to be careful to use less toilet tissue paper so trees can be saved. If each person uses less toilet paper when wiping we can save millions of trees yearly.

In this article, I defined and shared some superior and precise tips & ways of how to use less toilet paper. I anticipate you guys will take this chapter seriously and start decreasing the paper uses.

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