Terry cloth vs microfiber – Which one is best in 2021?

Terry Cloth vs Microfiber

Exceptionally, there are over thousands of types of clothes. Indeed special clothes like cotton, synthetic, rayon, linen, silk, wool, loom, and more. 

Instead of these, there are two superb fabrics; terry cloth and microfiber. Two of the trendiest industrial fiber; which are famous for cotton towels, bathrobes, robes, and product clothes. 

You might hear a lot about using terry and microfiber for cleaning. But today we will identify the differences between terry vs microfiber and which one is the best.


What is terry cloth and microfiber?

Terry and microfiber are two of the very best fabrics in industrial clothes. 

These clothes are usable for various purposes like washing, bathrobes, towel, winter clothes, and more. The knitting technique is pretty incredible in both clothes. 

Before you turn into the next chapter let me specify more clearly what is terry and what is a micro fiber cloth.

Terry cloth definition

Concerning the terry cloth fabric, it is one of the spectacular and well cloth-bonnet fabrics. The main raw material (natural material) of terry is special looms, which can observe the water perfectly. 

Terry cloth was invented in 1850 in, England; and its name was collected from the French word ‘tire’

It comes with a combination of cotton and sometimes polyester. Literally, you can find these clothes in several options such as diapers, bed linen, bathrobes, sweatband, and wristband.

Microfiber cloth definition

The microfiber isn’t similar to terry, because it is made of synthetic fiber. Its synthetic fiber is as tiny as a diameter or you can say ten micrometers. In other words, its fiber looks like a human hairpiece. 

Microfiber fabric is a combination of polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene. The features and components it holds such as softness, toughness, repellence, electrostatics, absorption, water, and filtering ability. 

Microfibers are used in colorful bathrobes, wallets, handbags, backpacks, book covers, shoes, and more.

Differences between Terry cloth vs microfiber

Particularly, without making the differences you would never find out which one is superior. 

Because we have to find out which one is better in terry and microfiber that means there is no alternative except making differences. 

For your convenient understanding, I assembled some features and components of theirs. 

In fact, I will clarify every single one specifically so you can figure out which attribute is better in these two prevalent clothes.


Terry clothes are made of looms whether microfiber made of authentic polyester, polyamide. Regarding durability; microfiber is more durable and stable than terry clothes. 

Terry’s clothes looms are wide but not stronger. On the other hand, microfiber is the human hair but it is super persistent.


Talk about softness, I will prefer your terry clothes instead of microfiber. Terry fibers (synthetic fibers) are made of authentic looms or you can say 100% cotton fabric. 

Microfiber’s major synthetic material is polyester and that isn’t so soft to use. So, this is the only reason a terry cloth towel is softer rather than microfiber towels.


The price range hasn’t much difference between these two well-known fabrics. Terry cloth fabric wholesale rate is about 11-12$ in one yard. For one-yard terry cloth in retail prices, you have to spend 17-18 $. You can find terry from any fabric wholesaler.

Microfiber price is quite matchable with terry clothes price. The accurate wholesale price of microfiber is about 12-13 $ and the retail price is about 16-20$ (Quality based). 

Remember, high-quality fabrics will cost you more than low-quality fabrics.


Well, manufacturers use unlike terry cloth and microfiber for various intentions and products. Only similar usability you will find that is microfiber towels and other usability is especially different. 

For example, terry clothes are used for clothes, both terry cloth towels, and cleaner clothes. Microfiber is used for leather products, and sports products such as swimsuits.


With magnificently demanded terry and microfiber are two of the leading and prevalent microfiber fabrics entire the world. Because both have diverse usability that’s why comparing their demands won’t be the right idea. 

I’m saying this because water-absorbing clothes (Terry Clothes) have incredible demands in the market but microfiber works to filter the water not absorb. I hope you understand why I don’t want to make difference in demands matter.


After all the research I think french terry clothes are more convenient than microfiber cloths. The reason is; it’s soft, has water highly absorbent abilities, is wearable, and easily washable.


Everyone wants varieties of colors on their clothes but sometimes it becomes tough to find your chosen colors on the same fabrics. 

Basically, white color terry clothes are the most popular in the market and people love to use them for decoration purposes mostly. But you can find purple terry cloth fabric in the market too additionally.

Microfiber is better than terry velour in the color issue. Because you can find a number of colors in microfiber such as purple, grey, white, black, and more ordinary colors.

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Terry cloth or microfiber which one is the best?

Consequently, you & I are able to specify the peculiarities, advantages, disadvantages of both terry cloth and microfiber. 

The differences between terry cloths and microfiber cloths make it so easier for me to tell you which one is best and better to purchase and use. 

For using and cleaning purposes I think terry cloth is a consummate one. Or if you want any clothes for attaching with lather products or sports intentions then a definite microfiber will be a flawless one. 

Terry cloth cost is quite beneficial and budget-friendly instead of microfiber. But microfiber ensures durability and color full options. I hope you acknowledge now which could be better for you.

Microfiber towels or terry cloth towels?

In my opinion, I will choose microfiber towels over terry cloth because terry only comes as white color but microfiber comes in various colors.

Microfiber Bathrobes or Terry Cloth Bathrobes?

In truth, microfiber bathrobes and terry cloth bathrobes both have impressive necessities all over the glove. 

Some people feel comfortable with terry cloth bathrobes and some people think microfiber is better to use. 

In my consideration, the best fabric for bathrobes is the terry cloth bath towel. But if you want your bathrobes in several colors, then fortunately microfiber cloth bathrobes are suitable for you. 

Terry cloth beach towel is super comfier to use instead of microfiber. Overall, I will prefer your terry clothes bathrobes. Here’s a live video on this topic below;

microfiber cloth vs terry cloth


Is terry cloth similar to microfiber?

Obviously not, terry cloth and microfiber are dissimilar from each other. The only similarity these two have; both are suitable for making terry towels (bath towels). 

But other features and components are unmatchable. If you consider the differences in clothes, you will find out the dissimilarity easily. Both are usable as the kitchen towel, t-shirts, for car washes, water spills, bath towel, and more

Are both terry cloth usable?

Actually wool and synthetic terry cloth both have demands and they have efficient soaking abilities. Therefore, both are available for various types of uses.

Which one takes low drying time Terry cloth or microfiber?

Because terry clothes come with fat fiber that’s why it takes a longer time to dry. Microfiber comes with thin fiber that’s why it takes a short time to dry.

Terry cloth and microfiber robe; which one better to purchase?

Generally, both fibers robe; it all depends on you what purpose you want to use that robe. 

If you want to use robes for cleaning and soaking purposes then assuredly you should use terry cloth. For accessories and sports gear purchasing, you should choose microfiber.

How to use a microfiber towel for hair?

For drying your hair, a microfiber towels is the best option because it ensures quick hair drying. A microfiber towel for hair benefits is amazingly admirable. 

You can use the TexereSilk Bamboo towel as the best microfiber hair towel. But before you purchase let me know how to use a microfiber towel for hair step by step.

  1. After completing your bath take your chosen microfiber towel.
  2. Now wrap your long hair with a microfiber towel (For Women)
  3. Keep wrapping your hair for 10-15 minutes with your hair
  4. For guys; swab your hair with the towel
  5. Swabbing the towel all over the head until your hairs got dry
  6. Now put the towel in an easy drying suitable place

Final verdicts

Microfiber terry cloth or microfiber terry cloth fabric whatever you called. But these two are very priceworthy, postulate, and demandable clothes and fabric. 

I tried to clarify their differences and which one would be impeccable for you. Thank you so much for keeping your patience in this terry cloth vs microfiber article. Especially, don’t forget to support me through homedegarden, don’t forget and remember me at the register link.

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