Tuscany kitchen faucet reviews 2021 (Best Golden faucet)

Tuscany kitchen faucet reviews

In search of enduring faucets, you will find over 100 types. But, if you’re looking for any traditional or accustomed kitchen faucet, you should try to use a Tuscany faucet. Tuscany kitchen faucet is as prevalent and extraordinary as the Tuscan beauty.

Lots of individuals say Tuscany hydrants have an antique design, admirable performance, durable parts, and budget-friendly prices, and I totally agree with them. In this Tuscany kitchen faucet reviews, you will know;

Best Tuscany faucet reviews

Unknown facts of Menards Tuscany faucet

Comparison guide & FAQs

Top Tuscany kitchen faucet reviews

In truth, Tuscany kitchen faucets are a bit rear faucet, and it’s pretty hard to find everywhere. For this reason, I took several recommendations from various faucet experts and plumbers.

They suggested to me a remarkable Tuscan style faucet, The NUVO Tuscany Kitchen Faucet (ES2792TLBS). It is the only top-rated Tuscany design faucet you can find near you.

Here is every detail you should know about the Menards Tuscany one-handle pull-down kitchen faucet (Single handle also).

Faucet Material

NUVO Tuscany faucet is made of a solid brass material for increasing its durability and reliability performance. Its mounting type is deck mount, and it has polished finishes. Corrosion and tarnish-resistant premium finishes will help the faucet to last longer than ordinary faucets.


Without knowing the dimension of the faucet, you can’t install it in your kitchen properly. This renowned faucet’s overall size is 12-inches in height. Any Tuscany kitchen sink will support this size’s faucet adequately.

Water flow rate

Tuscany high profile kitchen faucet ensures a tremendous water flow rate. Conveniently, this faucet can perform impressively in both high and low water pressure.

If your water system has high water pressure, you can get a maximum of 1.8 gallons per minute.

At 80 PSI (ASME standard), its overall water flow rate will be 6.8LPM (Liters per Minute) / 1.8 GPM (Gallons per minute). I think 6.8 liters of water isn’t so bad to get in every minute. Also, it supports cold water and warm water.

Handle information

Tuscan faucet handle comes with a widespread handle system, and it is made of pure brass material. Uniquely, this amazing faucet has two handles on two sides (Left & right sides).

Both handles work the same, but manufacturers added dual handles for increasing user experience. If a handle gets damaged or broke, unfortunately, you can use another frequently.

Color & design

Tuscany Sharena kitchen faucet and NUVO faucet widespread kitchen faucet has multiple eye-catchy colors to choose from. It has three stunning colors such as polished brass, polished chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Whatever color you choose, the design will be similar. In my opinion, polished brass (Shiny Golden Color) will look more elegant in your kitchen than other faucets.


Generally, not every faucet brand provides a satisfactory warranty with their faucets, but Tuscany provides. If you purchase any Tuscany faucet from the NUVO brand, you will get a limited warranty of 10 years.

If you find any defects in the faucet material and finish, you will get another new faucet, or they will fix it for you.

Other features

Besides the standard features, this faucet assures some extra features which might be beneficial for you. A brass side sprayer will be included in the package.

Remember, it will take four holes in your sink to complete the faucet installation.

360 degree turn swivel spout and On/Off water control mechanism will be added to the faucet system. Above all, the Tuscany faucet contains lots of advantages over other affordable faucets.


Tuscany kitchen faucet vs Delta – Which one to buy?

Who doesn’t know delta branded faucets? Delta faucets are highly anticipated and well-known brands to buy kitchen and shower sinks, faucets, swivels, and other accessories.

Numerous people feel confused, whether they should choose Menards Tuscany kitchen faucet or Delta? As for, I have a worthwhile report which is based on Tuscany kitchen faucet vs Delta. After reading the whole report, I’m sure you will know which one is better to buy between Menards Tuscany vs Delta.

  • Menards Tuscany product is antique than delta products
  • Delta kitchen faucets have multiple styles and designs, Tuscany faucets have few styles and designs
  • A Tuscany faucet looks more shiner than delta faucets
  • The majority of delta faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty; rather, Tuscany comes with a maximum of 10 years of warranty.
  • Delta faucet parts easily findable in the market and stores, but Menards Tuscany faucet parts are rare to find.
  • Tuscany faucet repairing cost is similar to delta faucets
  • Both faucets prices haven’t many differences

In the end, this post is all about the Tuscany kitchen faucet reviews. In my opinion, you should choose delta faucets because whenever you need to fix them, you can easily find their parts. Also, a lifetime warranty is much better than a 10-year warranty.

How to install a Tuscany kitchen faucet?

Tuscany faucet installation method is as easy as other faucet installation methods. Before you start installing the Tuscany faucet, make sure you have enough tools and kits. Here are 8 simple tips on how to install a Tuscany kitchen sink faucet.

  1. At first, read all the instruction from the faucet instruction book
  2. After that, assemble the faucet carefully.
  3. Place the deck plate or trim rings into the sinkholes (3/4 holes)
  4. Now put the lines gently into the holes and position them accurately (Use line that includes sink for better setting)
  5. Install underneath mounting bracket and nuts properly
  6. Connect the hose with supply pipe (If required)
  7. Set up the water supply line (line that includes water supply), turn on valves, and retighten all the parts
  8. It’s time to remove the aerator and switch on the water so that the debris can come out from the faucet.

What are the Tuscany kitchen faucet replacement parts?

We both know how much rear the Tuscany kitchen faucet is. A myriad of people thinks it’s too much complicated to find its replacement parts. Don’t hear them because nowadays, Tuscany kitchen faucet replacement parts are available in online stores and near markets.

For any flawless operation, plumbing, and for Tuscany faucet repair, these replacement parts are available;

  • Valve water filter
  • Water flow regulator
  • Sprayer head
  • Nuts and mount
  • Swivel
  • Faucet Nozzle
  • Tuscany faucet handle

Which companies sell the best Tuscany faucets for the money?

A lot of companies sell Tuscany faucets. Talk about which companies are selling the best Tuscany faucets for the money; it will be Menards Tuscany.

Golden faucet
Golden Faucet

Menards Tuscany kitchen faucets are the most premium quality faucets than other Tuscany faucets. If you’re searching rarest and typical Tuscany faucet, you should buy a Tuscany faucet from Menards.

Alternatively, if you’re unable to find Menards faucets, then you can try NUVO Tuscany faucets (Their faucet is also remarkable).


Is Tuscany a good faucet brand?

As far as I know, Tuscany is one of the traditional faucet brands that have incredible popularity worldwide. Because of its rareness and availability, people face difficulties in finding replacement parts.

But if we consider their product’s material, shape, design, color, functionalities, and prices, the Tuscany faucet brand is damn good.

Why you should buy Menards company Tuscany style products?

Tuscany model sink, tub, hose, hot bath, spout, spray faucet are the most traditional, priceless, and high-quality products all around the globe.

From two handle faucet sink to pull faucet model (Pull-up), every single item is quite better than Moen and other brands. If you search any Menards company or style product, you will find some world-class manufacturer and plumbing-quality items.

Plumbworks and other local company always talk about Tuscany spout, hose, hot bath (also Normal bath) performances.

Who makes the highest quality kitchen faucets?

The world’s most prominent faucet brands are Delta, Moen, Kohler, Kraus, Tuscany, American standards, and Pfister. These all brands are well-known for their product quality.

Every kitchen and shower faucets and kitchen sinks they made from persistent and stable material. For this reason, their kitchen faucets last longer. In short words, individually, Moen, Delta, and Kraus make the highest quality kitchen faucets.

What company makes Tuscany faucets?

For example, Not every faucet brand can provide the best stainless steel kitchen sinks. As like it, every single faucet brands does not bring the Tuscany faucets model number.

‘Menards’ is a Chinese Asian brand, who is individually well-known for stainless steel Tuscany faucets. In recent times, we heard that Moen display-s the two-handle and single handle stainless steel Tuscany like Menards.

How much could a Tuscany faucet cost?

After completing the reviews, I got some crucial knowledge on this faucet price. Basically, reviewers always try to reviews medium-price and budget-friendly items. Like others, I also tried to reviews an average price typical faucet.

The best Tuscany faucet price is a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $300. Pull-faucet and sink (double sink) price could be similar. If you ever purchased it from an e-commerce store probably can save enough money.

But, it will be better if you purchased it from the manufacturer brand. Perhaps, it will help you to save maximum money.

Who makes the Tuscany brand?

Tuscany brands are invented by Menards (An Asian manufacture). Probably, Menards was so inspired by the beauty of Tuscan, Italy. When they are launching a faucet brand, they took the name of Tuscany from Tuscan state. So, this is the story of the Tuscany brand, and Menards make it from Asia.

Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy

Where are Tuscany sinks and faucet made?

Tuscany is an Asian kitchen accessories brand that is a sub-brand of Menards. Most of the Tuscany sinks and faucets are constructed and designed in Hong Kong and China.

Where Tuscany faucet for sale?

Tuscany faucet is an Asian brand, but it is available all over the world. If you couldn’t find it in the nearby markets, don’t worry because the Tuscany faucet is for sale on the eCommerce site, online stores, review website.

You can purchase these items from your house. Manufacturer and Plumbworks’ free website is also open to shopping from the house (just search your item).

What kitchen faucets do plumbers recommend?

Considerably, there have a lot of kitchen faucets that plumbers’ fixtures recommend. Do you know which kitchen faucets doe’s professional plumber recommends?

Of course, those are delta kitchen faucets, Moen kitchen faucets, American Standard faucets, and Kraus kitchen faucets. If you haven’t any trust in these brands, you can choose Tuscany faucets.


Plumbworks faucet and Tuscany faucet are two of the most extraordinary name in the faucets world. Truly, I tried my best to explain and explore all the information you should know about the Tuscany kitchen faucet.

From “how to install” to replacement parts, all the query has been discussed here. Therefore, I hope you will gain maximum knowledge and information about it in this Tuscany kitchen faucet reviews.

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